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They are home!!!!!!!

Friday, November 01, 2019

Well, the house is back to almost normal. The Kits are home and napping on my lap as we are doing our SP things and waiting for our soap to come one. Boy, did I miss these little fur-babies, last night was just not the same without them raising a ruckus in here or sleeping on my lap as we watched something on Netflix. the other night while browsing I saw "Dancing Bird", and sure enough it was all birds doing there thing, and both of them sat in front of the TV almost the whole 45 minutes watching the birds, and Kinney actually jumped up on the consul and got a closer looked, and a couple times she looked behind to TV to see if they were back there. Really cute. It was a Earth program and very fun to watch. I new outlook on birds. Shorty did have a hernia, that they fixed. I figured it was , and told him to check, so he has stitches in 2 places. Poor little guy, and they will have to go back to get stitches out in 10 to 14 days. They are not going to be happy campers to have to go back, but at least they won't have to stay.

Not doing much today, the IT guy was here and install an outside modem so he was here about 2 hours, and while hubby was still here I drove over and got the Kits. So now I am all set up for when they reboot the whole system in a couple of weeks, and I already see that the speed is so much faster. woo woo. The rest of the day, I am doing nothing but spending time with hubby and the live stock. It is misting out there, so I doubt if there will be any harvesting done today, so I am just going to enjoy a day with everyone, and not worry about doing anything.

So you all take care and have a GET day. Linda
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