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Day 39 of changes / 3 things I am grateful for today (October 30 2019)

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Can't believe that it is already 39 days that I started over here on Sparkpeople - time is going by so quickly. But the good think is I am learning - and recognizing that there are still things I need to change.

Have found some good information re going sugar free - and I have started to compile a list of vegetables that are ok for me to eat - that shouldn't bring on an attack of IBS. I like the website I did find, and thanks to Renee who directed me to a group that might help so will look into that one also.

What I am finding is that I don't necessarily want to follow a 'given food plan' as in many of them there are foods that trigger IBS and also many foods that I just would not go for. So what I am doing is pulling out the things that make sense to me, and working from there.

For instance going sugar free. I realize things like cakes, cookies, actually all pastries, all candy are just something I need to stay away from - I need to remember the phrase 'I don't eat that' and leave it at that. With giving up sugar I can see how giving up flour would be the next thing. My sweet husband loves his white bread - so I am going to have to say to him 'I don't eat that' and should I need to have a sandwich will have to go with multi grain / whole wheat . I am not one that likes making say a tuna sandwich in a lettuce wrap - just doesn't appeal to me. So am thinking that should I let whole wheat be in my program I am going to have to limit it to say 2 slices a week.

As for spaghetti - that was a trigger food for me but I have it now under control - I decided that to say I would never have spaghetti again was just something that wouldn't work - so I now allow myself one meal a month of it - and as I have been doing that for close to a year now I am finding that several months go by before I think 'oh it would be nice to have spaghetti'. So am thinking I am going to work with potatoes the same way - as I do like my boiled potatoes. I don't put butter on them, I just like to have them. I also like peas and corn. And I see on list of complex carbs it says 1 ear of sweet corn is ok. So the change I am looking at doing with respect to potatoes, peas and corn is this: If I decide that at supper I will have a little potatoe then I will not have peas or corn or if I am wanting to have peas and corn I won't have potatoe = it makes sense to me.

This morning we pulled out our steamer = we are going to start using it tomorrow as well as roasting the vegetables. Hubby has agreed to that which is good.

For salads I really don't like lettuce. But am enjoying spinach so we are going to have make sure we have plenty of fresh spinach each week. Some will go into my protein drink, some will be cut up nice and small (that is how I like it) and will be served with cucumbers, celery and tomatoes. I have a few recipes to make some dressings which are much better than those that are bought so will be making one at least one of them tomorrow. I have purchased a bottle of balsamic vinegar as I was told it is good on salads - will try but am not sure how I feel about it as I am not sure of the smell - texture and smell affects me more than ever since I had radiation many years ago.

Anyway have made up a list of complex carbs that I would eat along with what a serving would be. Now I have to go over the list of vegetables found re sugar free and add some of those to the list I have started along with some that down the road I want to try.

I have mentioned in previous bloggs about getting in up to 4 servings of vegetables - and though I know they say this is an amount to have to stay healthy - and I think if I was going vegetarian I would do that and probably even more. But I am going to scale back some on it with aiming right now to get in 2 cups. Looking at switching up my breakfast from 2 hard boiled eggs to a few days of scrambled eggs with veggs in it. Also am going to work on making sure I get in my protein drink daily - it is a good source of protein - I usually make it with 1/2 cup of milk, the protein powder (26 g of protein), a banana and usually a bunch of spinach. Will be alternating from a banana to some kind of berry. I am not a yogurt person but am going to look at working in at least one protein drink with the yogurt rather than the milk - and if that works will do it more often as I know from my reading that Greek yogurt has a lot of good things in it.

So am making some headway with making up a food plan - just need to get it all typed up and go from there. Tomorrow being Thursday when our daughter is gone for the day with her friends we are going to do a bigger shop - getting some items for the freezer but a few fresh vegetables for the week.

I am feeling much more positive with the change is am about to embark on - I know giving up the sugar is going to be somewhat difficult though I don't usually have the sweets around but when I crave them I will eat them and that in turns triggers digestive problems. I believe if I can get through 7 days of making these changes and my stomach feels better it will become somewhat easier. And hubby has admitted that he if finding that his stomach is starting to react to 'the sweets after a meal' = so think we are both on the right road.

Called the doctor today re my compression socks - he is going to fax a prescription to the place where I get them so that is good. That mean on Tuesday when I get my toes done I will get new compression socks and my legs will start to feel better also. Am also going to go see him next Wednesday to discuss a new recliner - to get his help with getting it for medical reasons. So positive changes are happening and feeling good about moving forward.

Today for exercise got in 1,000 steps (1/2 a mile) - goal for tomorrow is to get in 1,500 and then I can update my Virtual Walk Across Canada. Changes are happening - and feeling confident that November will start off on the right foot and end with a big emoticon

3 things I am grateful for today are

(1) grateful that my husband is on board with making these changes - making one healthy meal for all three of us rather than 2 (one for me and another for him and daughter)

(2) grateful that my cold seems to be much better - but the allergies are there and am needing to use the nasal spray to keep them at check - so grateful that I have a doctor that was able to prescribe something that would help with the sinus infections

(3) grateful that my husband loves for both of us to read the Bible together and to discuss what we are reading - am enjoying reading aloud the Book of Job - makes a difference reading out loud.

My streaks to date are

Day 34 of blogging my journey here on Sparkpeople

Day 39 of logging on to Sparkpeople

Day 39 of tracking all food and water

Day 39 of reading the Bible with my husband (making progress with the Book of Job)

Part 1 of Virtual Walk Across Canada Completed (Port Hardy to Port McNeil BC 27 miles)

Par 2 of Virtual Walk Across Canada (Port McNeil to Campbell River BC 17 miles) have completed 2 1/2 miles = 14 1/2 more miles to go

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    Keep researching and finding what works for you - this is a journey and we are ever evolving. I am eating so much cleaner and better since re-starting Spark in March. It's a process and it's good to continue being educated along the way!

    I used to have IBS after I was recovering from ten years of bulimia. I had been heavily abusing laxatives all that time and my intestines were so twisted up, I needed to take an anti-spasmodic for a full year. I understand what you're going through. Hopefully you can find some veggies that work for you. I agree that you don't need to shoot for four cups a day, do what is best for YOU.

    The way of eating I chose encourages me to eat starch first and foremost - so I would eat potatoes and corn and peas at the same time if I wanted (I would limit my portion of each to meet my calorie goal). I am excited for my lunch today - 15 small potatoes steamed in a bag in the microwave! I am adding black bean and corn salsa to it. It's been so long since I had potatoes - I have been eating whole grains as my main starch - they take so long to bake, but these come in a steamer bag. Eight minutes and they're done! I can't wait for lunch! emoticon

    85 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    85 days ago
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