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Day 38 of my making changes - and learning on how to work through frustration (October 29 2019)

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Well I have been dealing with some frustration - came here after a few days not posting - typed up my blog got ready to press send and I lost it all - hmmmm frustration strikes again! ! ! !

Took my daughter to have her toes done today. Was her first time - was a bit concerned how she would be so had with the nurse telling her that daughter has very ticklish feet and she also has Down Syndrome. But she did really well - let the nurse do cut her toe nails, put a toe brace on her big toenail and then lotion it legs from the knee down. Funny thing when I went tonight to put on the cream for her exczema on her foot she looked up at me and said 'pretty feet, right mama?' = I smiled and said yes = she warms my heart to the moon and back.

While she was getting her feet taken care was able to get info re my legs and compression socks - not wearing them as the one on my right leg bothers me - she measured it and said it has gone down 2 cm so that could be the reason - as I need compression socks without toes as the diabetes has made it difficult to wear socks. Need to go to see doc before next Tuesday if possible to get a new prescription for getting a different compression size. We also had a look at a new chair for me in the living room - they had a really nice one that has an electric remote control to lower the head down flat and lifts the feet up. Cost $2,300 = so need to get the doctor to write saying this is a medical necessity as I can't lay down on the bed due to back problems = when we get this then we can get the chair without having to pay sales tax and when we do income tax we can claim it - the lady that we talked to said if we get one she would advise getting it in December as we could claim it in January when we do our income tax - rather than waiting till the spring and then waiting till the following year to claim it. So now we have to work at putting the money together -we are going to see if the doctor can see about getting it paid through our medical so we don't have any cost but not sure if that will go - apparently there is a lot of paperwork and it could take a few months - but we will see.

Frustration - today I got weighed and I am up again. Over the past 6 weeks I think I have put on 5 pounds - not good - frustration for sure. Have been working over the last 38 day at all areas of my life making sure everything was balanced - but for some reason the weight is not releasing. So have been doing some research - seem like I am doing a lot of that lately - and am reading up a lot on going sugar free. I have made some changes in that direction but see from my research where I have to make more changes.

I have found one website with lots of good information on going sugar free - list of what would be classified as sugar free (foods to eat) and what ones to avoid. Went on to say why this is a good way to go and compared it to Keto - sharing that Keto might be harder to stay on long term. Gave some suggestions on what a breakfast, lunch and supper could look like. So now in the next few days I am going to go over the list of foods to eat making a list of the foods that I would eat and then plan out some menus. Thankfully I have over the weekend cleaned out my freezer, pantry and my spice cabinet. So all is ready there. The big thing I am going to have to make note of is the vegetables as I need to make sure I get ones that won't bloat or give me gas. Apparently this website said that many who give up sugar get a lot of gas and bloating to start with so need to take that into consideration also - they discuss this and how to help avoid it.

I have over some time made some changes with regard to sugar - don't keep baking around but occasionally we do get some in - so need to work on not getting it in at all. I also have to work on just saying 'No I don't eat that' when it comes to having something that I know has sugar in it. So I will be starting tomorrow going more sugar free while working at getting my food plan more in line to being completely sugar free.

Three things I am grateful for today are

(1) grateful that my daughter was able to sit through getting her feet taken care of

(2) grateful that we have found a solution to my compression socks

(3) grateful that we found a new chair for me and the possibility of getting our medical coverage to pay for it

My streaks to date are

33 days of blogging my journey here at Sparkpeople

38 days of logging on to Sparkpeople

38 days of tracking all food and water

38 days of Bible reading with my husband (we are still reading through the book of Job)

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    86 days ago
  • GRAMMY065
    Wow! Job is a good book to tackle! I too have been struggling and feel like today I feel God has lifted some of the fog of discouragement for me. I too have not lost weight and finally cried out to God last nite and said β€œHelp!” This morning I finally feel encouraged to eat the right things. I think adapting to the 8 glasses of water has been the hardest, but I feel it is giving my body tremendous benefits-especially the blood sugar levels. Praying for you my friend!
    86 days ago
    All of us have peaks and valleys in our health journey, I really admire how you tackle your valleys Marilyn!!!!

    One suggestion I might offer in adding veggies ... perhaps just try one veggie at a time for a few days - see how your body reacts. If you add several new veggies to your diet all at once it might be harder to determine which particular one is causing the problem. Also, be mindful of whether "how" you are eating that veggie is the culprit - as in raw as opposed to steamed, etc. I do not have the health issues you are dealing with (IBS, etc.) but I cannot eat some veggies raw that other people thrive on ... my digestive system just isn't keen on it - ha! But steamed or stir fry I can thoroughly enjoy that same veggie.

    I have tee-total CONFIDENCE in you Marilyn ... I know you will figure this out. It really is just part of the process of working one's way into a new lifestyle as opposed to simply following "some diet or other". Lifestyles take time ... and we're worth it!!!
    86 days ago
    I'm sorry the scale is not cooperating for you, especially when you have been working so hard!

    Reducing refined sugars like in baking and adding white sugar to meals is always a good lifestyle change. You don't have to reduce overall carbs though, just make sure you are eating complex carbs that don't have the spikes and valleys like plain sugar does. I eat about 70% of my diet as complex carbs under the McDougall plan and I am losing weight steadily.

    The other thing is to watch your sodium, that is a huge culprit in weight gain.

    I wish I could give you more advice on your nutrition, but I have mostly been vegetarian or vegan in my life. I don't know how to eat healthy while eating meat, I never learned how! I was just always overweight eating meat and dairy.

    I may not be able to recommend a way of eating for you, but I can support you, and that I will continue to do! emoticon
    86 days ago
    I am on my 3rd time around reading the whole Bible in one year πŸ€—. And every time I learn something new πŸ‘. LOVE that book! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. Job was an awesome bookπŸ‘. Have a blessed day πŸ™ πŸ˜‡
    86 days ago
    Book of Job is one of my favorites
    86 days ago
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