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Embracing life for what it is.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Well, another day is upon us, and what are we going to do with it. For you that are still employed by someone other than yourself, many of your hour are set in stone. But for us retired personal, what do we do with all this time. I do continue to stay fairly busy, but I know I could do with some improvements, yes, I do the cleaning, cooking, yard work, feeding our outdoor friends(horses, goats and barn cats) gardening, in season, help mowing the lawn, and the general repair work outside, and helping hubby whenever he needs me, which seems to be often. But really, there still are hours at seem to just drag, and I find myself in front of the TV letting it take up way to much of my time. And it is so senseless, when an hour after a show is over, you have to really think about how it ended. To me that means it was a totally waste of time, but sometime that is exactly what we needed. I don't feel guilty about wasted time, to me, it is just letting the old body step away and recoup. I know when I first retired I got up and got busy and by 10am the house was spotless, everything that needed to be done was done except the meals, and I was face to face with all those hours ahead of me. I needed to learn to slow down or drive myself crazy. I gradually seemed to settle down into a routine, and was able to relax, isn't that what I wanted in retirement. I wanted to be able to not feel guilty if I wanted to just go shopping all day, go have coffee and lunch with friends, go to movies, plan indoor parties. I mean wasn't that what retirement meant, but I found out is short order, that I enjoyed NONE of those things. Shopping, was not my thing, for sure, as I hated it. And coffee and lunch with others, well I found out real fast that they were all still working, and all those years of working I had not developed any real friends, just co-workers, so there was no one to ask out. And then through all the adjustments I discovered that I was quite satisfied with my quite life, and I learned to enjoy just my own company as I had all my life. I remember as a kid in school always being the one playing alone against a wall somewhere, in high school, I was in the nerd group, as I never fit in with the popular kids, and I never did connect with any of them, we had our group of about 6, but after graduation we all went our separate ways, to never keep in contact again. Do I have any interest in the class reunions, No I Don't, didn't need them then so why would I want to see them now. I have lived very well as an introvert, and I except that, and when I get lonely, there is always hubby to entertain me, or go out and hug a horse, or just talk and play with the indoor fur babies. So my life is full, it may not be your idea of a full life, but it is the one I embrace, so for all you retirees out there, make your life yours, not what you thought it should be or dreamed that it would be, but what it actually is.

Well, I didn't expect all of that coming out of my fingers this morning, but it is what it wanted to blog about. I just never know what this old head is thinking. So here's to life, enjoy it. live it, and embrace it. Linda
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  • SPICY23
    I am on the verge... hopefully able to retire in the next year. Had wanted to purge and clear out the debris of years of accumulating and raising 4 kids. Wanted to be free and clear when we arrived at retirement so we could travel, hike locally, and devote our time to creative endeavors. We have done some big projects to update our home pushing us to actually accomplish some of the downsizing/streamlining but there is till plenty to do.

    Like you, we don't have a lot of social contacts. The closest ones have all moved away to be nearer their kids. Establishing new friendships is not easy. While still in the workforce, time is precious and it is almost impossible to imagine time on my hands dragging. I do look forward to finding out and making the adjustments required by the transition. Glad you are finding your new 'normal'.

    Peace and Care
    37 days ago
    37 days ago
    I really connected with what you said. 32 years in the same job and after retirement I discovered work friends were just that. Friends during work but not beyond. We have made friends since retirement, but I have found out that if I don't do the reaching out we are not in touch. I have more contact with my sparking friends .
    Glad you are my friend
    38 days ago
    Love it. My retirement aspirations are a cleaned house simplified and better organized, walks and picnics in our many are parks, maybe volunteer somewhere, try new recipes, and READ. Of course, I already do that now and have read voraciously ever since I learned how.
    38 days ago
    What a wonderful thing to be content w/life as it is. Now that DH is doing consulting, we have developed a new rhythm of life being together and enjoying it! He is happy, I'm happy, little Lilly is happy, so all is well.

    38 days ago
  • WALNUTT1961
    You have a great life! Enjoy! I like to stay home too. I retired in 2011 to do the book work in our store and take care of my mom. She can run circles around me - I don't like to go much!

    Thanks for sharing!
    39 days ago
    I'm not retired, but I'm mostly a stay-at-home mom, so when I'm not being mom taxi or accompanying for the choirs, I need to make a plan for keeping busy or I find myself spending too much time on my phone or computer.
    39 days ago
    We just dropped cable since it had been 4 months since Dearly Beloved had turned on the TV for TV. For me it had been two months. Now we use the TVs for movies and Netflix!
    39 days ago
    I get what you mean about TV. I don't watch it as much as I used to and mostly I'm doing other things while it's on. There are a lot of times when I have no idea what the show was really about! Just noise I guess.
    39 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    I have come to just love retirement. I don't feel that I need to fill in every minute and every second of my day. I love not being anyone's time schedule but my own. This is the time in my life that I live it for me. Don't get me wrong, I still do all the wifey things just like you do, enjoy my hubby's company, love having my son over for dinner weekly (he's 35 and still single).

    People ask me what I do all day and I say NOTHING and I'm ok with it. I have to read without guilt, play here on the computer and for the very first just waste time if I so choose. I have embraced living healthy and made changes that are to my and hubby's benefit. My health is improving and I'm losing weight which is controlling my diabetes.

    I get together with friends when the opportunity is there and if not that's ok too. I just want to have this part of my life happy and not so stressed as I have lived most of my life. So I think if you're ok with the way things are with you, then all the more power to you.

    Enjoy this time, and nothing is ever promised.
    39 days ago
    Still working, but you have given me something to think about. Probably better to think about it ahead of time than to just stop working. emoticon
    39 days ago
    Sounds all too familiar for a lot of retirees... keeping busy is the answer. emoticon
    39 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    I have friends that I have had for over 64 years. We are close, there is a core group of three for me. I would give my life for any of them.
    I never had brothers, two sisters were abusive towards me, so I sought out people away from my family.
    It stuck.
    I have two cousins that I am close to as well.
    Learning to love yourself alone, is a gift. You have it.
    39 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Nice post. We all have challenges in front of us. They reveal our character. I am to retired. Nice to have gone through it and have come out of it at the other end.
    39 days ago
  • no profile photo PAGACONCACA77
    Your doing great Linda!
    39 days ago
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