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Today's Epiphany!

Monday, October 28, 2019

I have to say that I learned a very valuable lesson with this! It hit me like an epiphany!

Most of us spend a lot of time keeping our selves and our personal spaces clean. We bathe, we shower, launder our clothes, wash the dirty dishes, sweep and scrub the floors, vacuum and shampoo or steam clean the rugs. We even run the cars through the car wash. But it isn’t just our outer bodies and living spaces that need to be kept clean.

We eat, we drink and our bodies metabolize everything, which means it gets converted into energy. The body then, as a result of this natural process, creates waste from what we have taken in. Our bodies quite literally “take out the trash”. These by-products are so crucial, so consequential, that the creator actually provided us with built-in breakdown systems; lymph system, liver, kidneys, colon sweat glands, oil ducts (acne) for tossing them to the curb.

Thankfully, these "guys and dolls" don’t take time off. Truth be told, without these guardians to detoxify and cleanse, our bodies would choke on its own waste. Sadly, it is by our own hand we inflict the health issues we have. Not just with what we choose to eat or drink but also the hundreds maybe even thousands of chemicals we subject ourselves to every day. They are in the air, the water, the food, the cleaning products we use and including the health & beauty products you slather on your skin morning and night.

So, have you ever wondered why it is that after trying everything you know, DIY, plus every weight loss program you've come across and still can't shed the weight? How frustrating does it get? Well, it turns out that there is, in fact, a very real connection between the number of toxins that get stored in your body and your weight. Toxins are much more prevalent than you'd think, and they can and do completely hold your metabolism hostage!

When there are years of unresolved toxicity, any toxins that the liver hasn't been able to clear out on an ongoing basis causes it to become overloaded. So, it initially stores the toxins in the fat cells of the liver itself, which degrades the health of the liver. When the liver fat cells get full, the toxins are stored in the fat cells anywhere in the body. (Unfortunately, people who have a higher BMI will store more toxins because they usually have more body fat.) Stored toxins have a significant impact on slowing down metabolism and contribute to weight gain.

Obesity is a continually growing because of the western diets and lifestyles we follow. But what if this increase in weight gain can’t be blamed entirely on sugary or fatty foods coupled with lack of exercise? Turns out toxins are the culprit because they contribute to fat storage making it that much more difficult to lose those unwanted pounds.

We've all been exposed to high levels of toxins our entire lives. Take a minute to look around your home. How much synthetic material do you see? Take a look at your food in your pantry and fridge. How much of it is in cans, aluminum, and plastic? What about the ingredients? Are there chemicals you can barely pronounce, let alone know where they came from? As I've said before, we have been poisoning ourselves into obesity, little by little. We're caught in a trap of toxic fat!!

The biological term for 'toxic fat' is visceral fat. Visceral means organ, so it's the fat that has accumulated and is being stored around your heart, liver, pancreas and all the other organs in your abdomen.

How to lose visceral fat

Although our body fat is distributed mostly by genetics and varies by age and culture, we can control how much body fat we gain. According to current evidence, the best way to lose visceral fat is to lose fat. Any loss of total fat will reduce visceral fat.

This means making necessary changes. And, I don't mean as a temporary diet to lose weight but as a permanent lifestyle change. That is the only way you're going to lose weight, prevent the yo-yo syndrome and have a much higher chance of keeping it off.

If I were to recommend any of the weight loss programs I've ever been ion it would have to be the Nutritarian lifestyle. Its purpose and objectives are to help target foods that are nutrient-rich while steering clear of foods that promote visceral fat storage. This makes it possible for the body to remove life-threatening fat, much better prevention against heart attack, strokes and even cancer. It is not simply about avoiding sugars and reducing fat calories, but saturating the body with immune-supporting micronutrients that promote repair and healing. Benefits from regular exercise can also help reduce visceral fat.

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