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So much to catch you up on in Bobbi~world! New merch coming in the gallery!

Monday, October 28, 2019

emoticon Hello my sparklies!

Wow...it's been a minute, hasn't it? Time without my sweet hubby seems to move in slow motion yet the days still fly by. I always have good intentions on a blog...but then boom the day is done and I'm exhausted and push myself to get my Teddy Bear Challenge stuff posted.

Our team is doing really really well and I'm so doggone proud of us. We take our challenges seriously and it shows. We are usually within the top three teams most of the time...that takes commitment, my friends. Commitment I probably wouldn't come up with on my own but I value my team so much I work a lot harder...it's all good.

I've been doing the usual things that need to get done in my life. Namely going to work at our little consignment gallery. Securing beautiful new merch to come in and working hard to sell the items on the floor.

I'm SO excited that a beautiful house is coming in from Bonita Bay the second week of November. I need practical yet lovely things. I tend to lean toward the cool, unusual funky things that I like...but those don't always translate into quick sales...and of course sales is the bottom line to survival when your rent is so darn high.

I'm taking in this 'big boy' sofa sectional which I don't usually do because they take up so much floor space. But in consignment world, if you start cherry-picking what you will and won't accept sometimes you don't get anything as the owner wants it ALL gone. So...fingers and toes crossed this will sell. It won't come in until January so it will give me time to talk it up and show pictures to my customers so by the time it comes in...hopefully someone will snap it up.

The accent chairs and the monster wool rug will come in also.

I'm getting TWO bedroom sets which is SO awesome...I NEVER get complete bedroom sets in. Always a piece here and there but never the entire set. We have been at our location for 10 years and I've gotten maybe two complete sets. So, in this case, it's GREAT I'll be receiving a master bedroom and a queen bedroom set.

This is the queen set with nightstands which are beautiful and a fantastic dresser.

I believe this is the master bedroom set, I don't have pics of the entire set but it is gorgeous as are all of these lovely items.

A nice sofa bed.. small scale which is always popular

A cute little outdoor bar and bar stools.

Trundle beds aren't that popular right now but this one is light-colored so I'm hopeful it will go.

Again...you take the 'iffy' to get the full package of mostly desirable items.

Lovely large dining set. I don't usually take in parson's chairs...but again, these are a happy fabric and appealing so I think they will sell if priced right.

That's all of the pics I have but you can see why I'm so excited for this household to arrive!

I reworked a wall with some new wall accessories that came in last week.

I also reworked this little table vignette...so cute! That is real marble on the round and it would be perfect to make a lazy susan out of it wouldn't it?

I got these beautiful roses from a little neighborhood friend that stopped by the consignment gallery to drop them off. She is a gem among gems! We went to lunch today then went to check out a few consignment shops so I can stay on top of my competition. WOW...a lot of prices are pretty low...I think people are nervous to unload merchandise because there are rumblings in the retail world that a big slow down is coming to the economy. I think I'd better take heed to this warning and see how much stuff I can get rid of during 'season' I really don't think it will serve me well to stay there another summer and pay the hideously high rent all summer. Ten years seems to be about the end of the line for me...but you never know so I'm keeping my options open.

Beyond staying busy at the gallery I have attended a few grief group dinners where about 20 of us meet up early and have a wonderful early dinner. I find these people so wonderfully comforting with open hearts full of compasssion.

I have taken on the responsibility of making a list with everyone's name, address, phone number and e-mails which makes it SO much easier to stay in touch.

I have another group meeting tomorrow and am looking forward to it. Because it's on Tuesdays instead of Mondays I have to open the shop at 12:30 instead of 10:30 but I have decided that this is important for my mental health so it's something I need to do for now.

Maybe I'll try to snap a pic of the group to share with you sometime. Lovely, lovely people. I'm so sorry that I had to have my hubby leave this earth in order for me to meet such wonderful new potential friends...but if he hadn't I would have never have met this group so I'm trying to look for the silver lining.

On the other hand, I went to a dine-in group with our old group of friends which is also about 20 people when everyone is back in town. I have known most of these people for almost 30 years...but I have to say they are in no way as supportive and understanding as my new friends seem to be...Don told me something very, very important. He said "Bobbi people can only give you what they have to give. If they don't have what you need to feel whole...go find people that have more." I totally have taken his advice and I thank the love of my life for sharing that beautiful wisdom with me.

If you need more...find those that can offer it...you deserve that for yourself and remember...I'm always here to give you an ear and a pat on the back my lovely friends! emoticon

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Nice furniture! emoticon Thinking of you and am glad you enjoy your group meeting! Anything that helps you is good... emoticon
    35 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your lovely pictures! I'm excited for your new items and pray that they sell quickly. I'm glad to hear that you have met some new friends to help you through this trying time. As always, sending many emoticon emoticon and emoticon
    36 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    What is up, down there?
    38 days ago
    Ah ha, I found you! Oh, but, oh! Do you ever have some lovely pieces. Just love that Florida floral rug in front of the green sofa. I could see that in my home. If only....

    So glad you look forward to your group meetings. You do sound more like your peppy self. I'm smiling.
    39 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    How is it going down there? OUr snow melted,, for today..
    42 days ago
    Thanks for letting us know what is going on with your life Bobby. I am glad you are finding support with the grief counseling group. I agree with Don, it is great to have a circle of friends that can supply many needs for friendship. I love the furniture that you will be having. I hope it all cells and you have a successful season.
    42 days ago
    Beautiful items and displays. Too bad you're on the other side of the state! Glad you're getting out and getting support however it comes. Big hug to you emoticon
    45 days ago
    Lovely new items to come and hoping you can clear some
    floor space before January. Yes, everything is pointing to a
    huge slowdown in the economy across the country so I am
    watching my pennies as well. I am not taking anything for granted.
    Enjoy your new friends and Don and Josh are watching over you.

    45 days ago
    I love your new merchandise and you are blessed with the gift of creativity. Love the way you display your merchandise. I too appreciate that little nugget of wisdom of Don's that you shared. I'm so pleased that you have braved the unknown and found that grief support group, you have come a long way my dear friend.

    45 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    If wishin' were gitten', I would buy that entire house of furniture! Maybe not the bar set, but Michigan needs much more sturdy things outdoors.

    I am so glad that you are stretching your comfort parameters to enjoy this new stage in your life, with new friends.
    46 days ago
    Hope you can find the room to display those lovely pieces. I really like the leaf pictures over the Master Dresser, and the leaf picture in your re-worked wall design. I don't know why, but I just love leaves. It has to be a phobia of some sort I do like finding the hidden gems in the background, is that weird or what.
    46 days ago
    Glad to hear from you and thanks for sharing those photos of the beautiful new things coming to your gallery. You will arrange them and they should sell quickly. Great that you have found the support friends and that you keep the Spark going also.
    46 days ago
    Love all the pieces!! Beautiful - they should be able to sell quickly!! so happy to hear that you are doing what you need to do and using the words of wisdom from Don. He was a very smart man!! Blessings and prayers for you and one day at a time! emoticon
    46 days ago
    You have been missed, Bobbi but glad to know it is because you have been busy. You have such an eye for decorating, knowing how to showcase the store that I know things will move and you will have a great season. emoticon emoticon
    46 days ago
    So glad to hear from you again. I miss you when you’re busy and quiet. I wish my dad would go to a group like that.
    46 days ago
    So happy to hear that you have made new supportive friends and are keeping busy. Big hug.
    46 days ago
    I was moved by what Don told you, Bobbi, about finding people who can make you feel whole. I'm excited for you that there seem to be that kind of people among your new grief group acquaintances. I really hope you find a great friend, the kind that when you're together, you totally lose track of time and any lulls in the conversation are out of thoughtfulness, not awkwardness. I'm hoping to have that kind of friend again someday, too. Anyway, I'm happy to hear that you're looking forward to the grief meetings now. I remember that at the beginning, you were sort of unsure and hesitant, and there were a couple of eyebrow-raising guys, so I'm guessing you've found the gems in the group.

    I LOVE all that stuff in the photos! Wow! I'm not one to notice beds very much, but that first one with the decorative wire headboard--I want that! Also love the trundle bed and the fabric of the parsons' chairs. 100% attractive!
    46 days ago
    46 days ago
    Glad to hear u are doing well, my friend.
    That new furniture is gorgeous...wish 8 lived near your beautiful gallery!
    46 days ago
    Got some beautiful items there. I love that wool rug, but not a practical color with 2 dogs and a cat. Oh and a s o that builds and tinkers and never notices dust, dirt and wood shavings.
    46 days ago
    Beautiful new items. Hope they sell quickly. Glad you found your widow's group. It seem like they are helping you lots.
    Don and Josh will always be with you. They are wise souls.
    Maybe we can get together again soon. Just let me know emoticon
    46 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I agree that Don was a very wise man who thoughts are sill relevant for you
    You ar finding your new path Bobbi and I am so happy for you. . I can imagine how difficult this is for you..

    Themitems coming into the gallery look perfect for people setting up second homes, I am sure they will sell quickly.
    46 days ago
    The new furniture is stunning and you know what? I love the trundle bed! You are making the right choices: this grief group is really helping, and I am so glad! emoticon
    46 days ago
    I love all the new merchandise you are taking in and I am hoping that things will sell quickly for you! I'm also glad to hear that you are enjoying the people you have met in your grief group. It sounds like a great group and I agree, you must think of your own mental health right now.

    And I can so appreciate Don's advice - he was a very wise man!
    46 days ago
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