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Monday, Monday

Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday, Monday, what do you have in store,
Don't want to work until I am sore,
but have things I must do today.
So I must get this done and be on my way.

Yes, the beginning of a new week. and I really don't think I was done with last week. Oh Well, must keep going. Was only 18 this morning when I did chores, so it definitely was more than just my sweatshirt, jeans, and socks. Yep, coat time is upon us, but at least not snow boots, and scooping bunks, but that is coming. And as soon as I am done here I have to go down and put some letters in the mail box at the end of the drive, so am going to leave the coat in the house, that will make me walk a little faster. Right, get that extra push to the finish.

Got up early, the second day in a row, wow, am I turning over a new leaf or is it just because I want to see hubby off as he leave to go to the fields and I won't see him again til dark. I don't know, but watching the sun come up is kind of a neat thing. But I still prefer sun sets. The guys are moving right along and can actually see the end of harvest approaching, then the long winter of rest. Yeah Right, then it will be fighting the snow, ice and the cold.

I have been thinking daily of the people in California who have lost their homes, and the one evacuated, and have no idea if they have a home to return to or not. I have no idea what that feels like but it has to be terrible. All of us that are stewing over our weight, our diet, and exercise minutes, and the small things we worry about, should take a moment and think of these people, and know our problems are pretty small compared to theirs. With the holidays approaching, what would the feeling of not having a home be like. Makes that, When am I going to get the shopping done, look pretty petty. Then all the people who have suffered thru the hurricanes, and the flooding, (that is not to far from us), we should really appreciate what we have, and who we have to share it with.

Well, I have got to get going and get those letter to the box before the mailman comes or I am going to have to drive into town to mail them, they have to go out today. Take care, and have a GET day. Linda
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