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Attitude/ Taking the time to be proud today

Monday, October 28, 2019

Good Monday Morning!! It's cold here! I'm waiting for it to warm up some before I work out, I'm even having a hard time typing because my fingers are so cold! I was going to have a shake for breakfast, but could not even think of something cold for breakfast! I managed to keep breakfast, even with my coffee, under 400 calories! Woohoo!

Saw this on SP this morning and it is so true! My attitude on weight loss and getting in shape and everything has changed so much over the past year, and is still evolving. I made huge mistakes this Summer, gaining back 26 pounds, letting emotional eating from loss and major life changes take me way off track. No more. I'm doing so much better and I'm working hard towards steering clear of emotional eating and finding better ways to deal with things. I came so close to the 200 mark again, I think it scared some sense into me! I'm back down some, now at 189 but that is a far cry from 170, at one point I was at 166, and felt so great!! I am looking forward to being there again.

I was happy at 166, but not as proud as I should have been. I wasn't doing the non-food rewards, I wasn't allowing myself to stop and enjoy the moment. Now I am trying my best to be proud of every step I take whether it is like last night when I went for cucumber instead of fried chicken, or the 1 pound I lost last week. I'm two pounds away from my first reward in the reward system I set up. I made a list on Amazon and though it does not have to be the exact one or even come from that site, I wanted to have a place to go to catalog what I wanted my rewards to be. So I mapped out on paper my big goals till I reach my goal weight, made it 3 big ones, 3 medium ones and the rest are all the inbetweens. Every 5 pounds I shed I'm rewarding myself. So each thing, whether an actual item or something I just wrote as an idea on the list, has a weight and number in a comment beside it. It is a private list, so I don't feel weird about any family member looking at it or anything. From some nail polish I've been eyeballing to a ring I really want (not expensive, just have not gotten it yet) I'm looking forward to each thing. I made sure to put self-care items in there as well, but nothing that anyone might get me for Christmas.

And that is exactly what I intend to do today!! I have my to-do list, but it is secondary to getting in good rest, good exercise, good nutrition, and taking care of myself today. I don't normally take the time to take care of me, so today I'm going to. Exercise is a form of self-care and and expression of self-love to me, something I'm just realizing. I mean, I knew it was a form of self-care intellectually, but it didn't really sink in. I didn't sleep much last night, so after I take care of some phone calls, I'm going to go take a short nap, followed by some wake-up yoga and then exercise. Then I'll get to my to-do list. It's a longish one, but I think some of it will be put off to tomorrow.

Hoping you have a marvelous Monday!!

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