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Friday, October 25, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..


Mark today a day in history .. for the year .. my hummer feeder came down .. he finally headed south .. *sad face* .. I'm seeing our winter birds shining around again .. the summer is officially over .. *sigh* ..

Yesterday ... yesterday was a good day .. It didn't start out well, but ended AWESOME !!!!

I got in the car ready to head over to mom's, and I get a call .. "don't bother with the whipped cream" .. I told her too late, I already got it .. but that's okay.. I can use it .. (15 calories a serving) .. but she didn't give any more information .. I was wondering if I should go back in and get the angel food cake, or stop for one, (because my angel food cakes lost their poof .. lol) So -- that started my day ... My ride was prepping myself .. for whatever was coming my way .. and I wasn't disappointed ..

I walked into her condo, and she was still in her pj's, and her hair was a mess .. and her response was "I should have cancelled" .. I think I had had it, and told her "well . NOW is not the time that you need to worry about this." .. she said that she needed to make the frosting for her pumpkin bars .. they had to have frosting and not whipped cream ... and she started pulling out the stuff for making the frosting .. I told her I would take care of it, and she needs to get ready NOW .. Well -- you know what .. I got the frosting done, and she ended up primping herself to pretty ... :) and all went well .. :)

She took her walker into the furnace room, and got a bucket with a toilet scrub brush .. and proceeded to go and squirt the toilets .. She got finished, and plopped herself down .. I told her after I was done (I didn't frost the pumpkin bars until after the ladies came in .. but the frosting was made) I would scrub out the toilets .. and she agreed .. but only if the water had changed from purple to green .. lol lol .. I was scrubbing toilets as her first friend showed up, which I went outside and helped carry her stuff in .. (these are ladies ..the youngest I found out is 82) ... We came in, and while Eunice was making herself feel at home, taking off her jacket, and putting it in mom's room, I was finishing up the scrubbing of the toilets .. SUCH PRESTIGE in my life .. lol lol lol ..

As the ladies came in, mom's mood seemed to pick up .. I was the gopher throughout the afternoon .. I pretty much brought my doodle book and doodled; after playing games on my phone, and "emailing with a friend" that just let me babble .. Thank you to that friend !!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

About 3:00 they took a break but nobody got up and moved, but they called Gail .. the one that caught cancer .. and well .. she couldn't have surgery because now she has pnemonia; so they have to clear that up first .. Lucy had another card party she had to get to so she asked that they called it at 5ish .. :) ..

We served dessert at around 4:30ish and they had sat all afternoon again .. and while Eunice was having problems getting up, I was concerned that mom would be in major ouch .. While they ate dessert .. EVERYONE took the recipe, because they enjoyed it so much.. and that sent mom through the roof happy .. She's been having troubles baking the last few years, and with everyone taking the recipe (and it WAS good) made her sooo happy !!!!

They left, and she shuffled over to her chair; and was soooo happy .. she was my mommy again ..and we chatted, while I cleaned up the house .. I AM proud of her, because she straightened up the house over the last few days .. but she made the mistake of doing alot without her walker .. and that's what caused the problem .. So -- yesterday morning she was hurting .. and I was worried that sitting in a real chair, without being able to put her legs up ..she would be sore sore sore .. but she was so happy .. she wasn't sore ..

Now the question is ... was she not sore, because she had a quiet day, and didn't push it too hard; or was she not sore because she had such a fun afternoon with her friends, that it didn't overwhelm her thoughts .. and her attitude helped the problem ..

Not that I will ever be able to get that to sink in to her .. but I do believe that attitude helps IMMENSELY !!!!!! and can do wonders !!!!!

I left for home after cleaning up, and getting her house back in order; and her dishes cleaned up .. around 7ish .. I had snacked throughout the day, but was very proud of myself .. I snacked on potato chips .. and not mini candy bars .. like normal .. My sugar was a piece of mom's pumpkin bars .. and yes .. they WERE good .. I brought 2 of them home with me .. :) She has enough for a few more pieces for herself .. cuz Eunice took 2 pieces home with her as well ..

I got home and had a yogurt just to cover me through the night .. I wasn't hungry, I was hurting .. I did a lot of moving, and standing work yesterday .. but felt good, because I left mom feeling good .. and she gave me the biggest hug .. and "mommy talk" ...

I sat and did my "journal" .. and it was by memory because alot of the stuff was grazing .. but journalled the best I could .. :)

I headed upstairs around 9 ... and my head hit the pillow and I was gone !!! zonked !!!

Hubby still has the draggies .. and don't know how to get him out of it .. but after today I'll be able to concentrate on that .. :)

As far as my "code" .. I made up a cup of tea, and took that with me .. I feel GREAT this morning, which makes me think it's more allergies than a code ..

Today is taking her to the doctor to see if there is something more she can do .. or if this IS the maniscus (sp?) and thankful that Bill is coming with .. and then I can just prepare for the retirement party on Sunday .. that I've worked soooo hard for .... and then next week is more relaxing .. and more just "being" ..

Just for general information .. this is NOT the way to come home from vacation .. Mom being a pill, and hubby sick and draggy ... Wow .. finally "I" am the one that has it together .. lol lol lol lol .. I DO have plans for next Monday, now that my busy week is over, to get my flu shot .. I was afraid to do it this week; because with my luck this would be the one that "fed back" into my system and would knock me on my keester, and I didn't have time for that this week .. So next week, Monday I have plans to get mine ..

Just for the record .. since the day BEFORE vacation, and behaving as much as I could during vacation, and the chaos of this week ..(239.3 to 235.4) I'm DOWN 3.9 pounds .. Is the the chaos of the week, that I really haven't thought about eating, or being careful throughout the week that I didn't dive into stress eating ?? Whatever the reason .. Let's see if we ... er ... I can continue into next week .. Can this be the beginning of my success ??? Either way .. I consider it a success !!!!

Wish everyone a great day !!! Need to get myself going ..

Have a super one !!! I'm going to !!!!!
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    well I laughed through your whole blog it was grest it made me think as busy as I am you are so busy and congrats on the weight loss
    have a good weekend emoticon emoticon
    261 days ago
    emoticon emoticon Have a wonderful weekend.
    261 days ago
    Sally: Hang in there, girl! ALMOST there.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    Glad at least that DH is feeling a little better. Takes time for them to ‘get moving’.

    Good wishes for your Mom’s appointment.

    Awwwww, dang. Sure sign Winter’s on it’s way when the hummer feeder is put away. **SIGH**

    Oy, Mom gave you a tough day. Sheesh! Glad the frosting got made and Mom got prettified.

    Babbling, babbling is good. LOLOLOLOL

    Sorry to hear that the surgery for your Mom’s friend had to be cancelled because she had pneumonia. Sheesh! DEFINITELY attitude helps 100%!

    Glad you’re feeling better!

    All good wishes as you take your Mom to the Dr. Good your brother is going with to help.

    WAHOO on the weight released! That’s fantastic.

    261 days ago
    Good Luck today!
    262 days ago
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