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Thankful Thursday !! Had a good day yesterday, and even with a cold coming on .. am pushing forward!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..


A wonderful day yesterday ... and a busy day .. Crisp weather but sunshine !!! YAY !!!!

I got my nails done in a pretty rusty red for autumn, and shortened .. they look so fresh and pretty .. and then I headed over to Meijers .. for some stuff.. greek yogurt (for my oatmeal breakfasts .. YUM), whipping cream for mom's dessert for today, some personal stuff, and some steel cut oatmeal .. Ahhh it's getting time for my "crock pot oatmeal" again .. and steel cut is the BEST !!! I enjoy my oatmeal dry, and then "frost" it with my greek yogurt .. YUMMMMM So I have 9 more days (had 10, but had one this morning .. :) ) of my oatmeal breakfasts .. That's hearty enough to last me until well past lunch .. and I enjoy it .. Double duty !!!! :)

Anyway .. I'm going to make up some steel cut crock pot oats, after this crazy week is over ..

After my shopping trip I came home, and since it was close to the time that hubby was coming home from Wii Bowling, I decided to just sit and wait .. and have some lunch with him ... He's not eating much with his bug that he's got .. it's not that he has an upset belly, but just doesn't have the energy .. Each day he's getting better, but this way I could make sure he got something in his belly .. and he had one of his pieces of pizza .. I had 2 small apples .. actually I guess you could call them medium, but they were getting old, and I wanted to finish them .. with peanut butter .. and that actually filled me up .. ?? I was meeting the ladies at 5 for dinner ..

I lounged around because it was too late to really start anything, or work on anything .. so just doodled .. until it was time to get cleaned up and ready to go .. I got there at 5, as agreed, and sent a text to Wendy, only to have her come back to tell me "they would be there at 5:30ish" .. I took a deep breath, looked back in our texts .. (I'm a saver) and saw it was 5 that we agreed on .. I sent a note back to her .. "I thought we were meeting at 5" .. Well -- none the less, she realized I was right, and in no uncertain terms, sent me a text saying they were on their way .. if I could go in and make sure we could get in at 5:30ish.. I went in and decided to have a beer, since the young girl stated they do first come first served .. and sent a text to Wendy explaining .. we have to play it as it goes when they get here ..

I sat and had a beer .. and was very confused .. I sat in the bar, and the young man that was working the tables came over, and asked what I wanted, and I told him .. and well .. he disappeared ... I put my $5 out on the table, and waited .. he took care of everyone ... and I still waited for my beer .. finally someone else came up, and asked if I had been taken care of, I told him .. "I think so ... I told him what I wanted, but he must be busy" .. (not really but I really didn't feel like starting something) .. well -- the gentleman came with my beer, but didn't take my money .. I moved over to the bar, where I could be seen better and be more comfortable .. and left my $5 out on the bar .. they still didn't take it .. Other people were paying ?? Oh well .. I sat and waited ..

My friends came in, and Marilyn came up to me, asking me a bunch of questions about this place, and I told her about 5 times that I have never been here .. (Marilyn is in her 70's .. lovely person and I love her dearly, but sometimes like dealing with mom) Finally she got the hint .. I took my beer and after talking them into a table, instead of a booth, because 2 of our peoples are large and very uncomfortable in booths ..

She moved us to a table .. The restaurant area was so much quieter, that made me happier .. I sat in a corner, that made me happier, and my good ear was to the rest of the group, that made me happier .. They asked me about my vacation, and how mom was doing .. and well .. I had a bit of the saddies come out .. but they were all understanding .. :) and it felt good to just talk about it ... of course, cliff notes version ..

I had a Shrimp po boy sammich, and oh my goodness was it good !!!! and I enjoyed every single bite !!!! and finally I could tell someone that I wanted to pay for my beer, I told her I didn't want another drink, but nobody seems to want to take my money for the beer I bought at the bar .. so it was on my bill ..

In turn Wendy bought it for me, because she felt bad for the time mixup .. I didn't worry about it but she insisted .. and passed over $5 .. lol lol ..

I got home around 7ish, and am happy to announce .. all the coughing and sneezing in the plane on the way home.. CAUGHT UP WITH BE .. I HAVE A CODE !!! BY DOSE ID PLUGGED UP !!!!

I sat and finished up my journaling for the day; so I could include all of the food I had eaten .. :)

I have to make it to Sunday because I am SOOOO looking forward to Sunday dinner with friends .. so brought out the Mucinex .. ;) and will work on getting rid of the stuffies .. :) Taking some tea with me today so I can sip on ColdEze tea at mom's ..

Today -- I had a great night sleep, and today will be the card party at mom's .. WISH ME LUCK !!!! I'm going over with a positive attitude .. let's hope it holds ..

Only a couple more days !!! I can do this I can do this I can do this I can do this !!!!!

I'm looking forward to a fun day with the ladies .. :) Hubby is back to sassy for a while .. and things are just going well .. but he'll probably peter out in a few hours .. but he IS getting good sleeps ..

Hope everyone has a great day !!! I'm going to !!!!!!! No matter what .. :)

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    256 days ago
    Your hubby had to share his sickness with you also! Oh boy!
    256 days ago
    I gotmy hubbys cold took 2 weeks but with the 5 k winds exhaustion and the cookie dough mizing yesterday I am sick
    256 days ago
    NOTHING better on these cold mornings than steel cut oats! Nummy.

    Peanut Butter is a good filler-upper w/apple. Even had it w/pears.

    Oh I DO hear you (pun intended!) about situating myself with my good ear so I can hear. OY

    OHHHHHH NOOOOOoooo! Not you, too, with a code in yer dose! Poor you. Chicken soup!

    HOPE you did all right w/your Mom and her friends

    257 days ago
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