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30 minutes and 4k steps before 4 AM!!!

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Finally got 30 minutes in on the treadmill!! I was listening to a podcast by Ruth Soukup and the time just flew by!! It ended 2 minutes before my 30 minutes were up, and those 2 minutes were grueling!!! But, Hope was there beside me, so I talked with her, lol, and that made it a bit easier.

I got maybe 30 minutes of sleep last night. Maybe. I woke up freezing, though I was under a nice comforter and a 15 pound, 7 layer, weighted blanket. So, I got up and found a double layer fuzzy blanket and made some coffee (don't' know why I didn't think of tea!!!) and made some hot oatmeal with apples, raisins, and pecans. Still didn't warm me up. I closed the door to the office and crocheted with shaky hands from being so cold, my whole body was shaking. Felt like my insides were shaking. The office gets really warm when you close the door, so I did eventually warm up. Between watching one of my favorite romance/drama/comedies and crocheting, I was distracted enough to wait till it warmed up and between everything, I did. But by then my sleep aids had worn off and I was wide awake.

(LOVE this meme, it was originally "Clean ALL the THINGS!!" But there are several versions of it out there)

So, I got dressed to work out, grabbed what I needed to shower in the basement bathroom, change of clothes, dog food... yeah I should have made two trips instead of the balancing act I did!! Took Hope out twice while I was down there. Got my workout in. Today was total body... I started out with glutes though, I grabbed the wrong set of papers (I have the demos printed for reference). Did some extra stretching, I feel super tight this morning. Maybe it is the stress, or not getting enough sleep. I'm going to stretch/yoga again later. Of course I'm planning on listening to the next podcast later, so I may go get on the treadmill while listening to it, or I may sew. I've found that walking is as relaxing as sewing or crocheting, after I have stretched out and feel like I'm going to melt, lol.

So yeah, I worked out around 2 AM, thought I might get some sleep afterwards, but am wide awake still. I'm fully dressed to makeup and shoes. Not going anywhere today, just felt like looking nice. Thanks to the good workout and me forgetting things and going back and forth, I got a little over 4K steps before 4 AM. I'm hoping today will be productive, even though I'll probably try to take a nap after the kids leave for school. Today is a half day, so have to nap this morning or I won't get to.

Yesterday was rough. I got a lot done, but not the sewing, which puts me behind where I want to be. I did get started on my YDD's crochet project. The directions make no sense to me, but I'm following it. Hope was alerting to a migraine yesterday morning. Fortunately, I was doing what my therapist said to do and trying to be mindful and checking in with myself and caught it early enough (thanks to Hope too) that I was able to go lay down and get it under control.

Got all my food worked out for today... may or may not work. Lots of shakes for protein, I'm thinking not enough protein may be causing me to be cold? But the shakes are cold, and today's weather is supposed to be colder than yesterday. I'm going to look up some things and see what may have caused last night's freezing spell, the actual temp was not that bad. I may be manic as well, with the not getting sleep and wanting to 'do all the things!' I don't feel sleepy. But I should try to get some sleep, just in case I can before the kids come home (half day).

LOL, that one made me laugh, had to share!!

emoticon emoticon emoticon Thirsty Thursday, don't forget your H2O!! emoticon emoticon emoticon


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