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Wonderful Wednesday!!

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Good Morning Spark Peeps! I'm so glad to be feeling better and migraine free this morning!! I'm letting breakfast settle and then I'll go to work out. Planning a longer cardio day (30 minutes, I'm slowly working my way up!) and today is leg day! Plus Pilates and Yoga/stretching. I'm working on finding a Yoga video for beginners that I can do. Some of those poses are very difficult for me! I saw a thing on Pinterest that was "if you can't do this pose, try this." The beginning part of the pose and how to work your way up to it, so I'll probably look that up.

My sweet Hope is demanding attention this morning (more than usual, LOL) She is jumping up on the chair to get hugs more, and when I say off, instead of getting down, she leans into me. We've gone out a few times for exercise and potty, but she has wanted to go sniff instead of playing fetch or running around. I think she either wants to go lay down, or go back outside. We'll do that when I'm done with this blog (if she lets me!). Sometimes this means I have a migraine or a seizure coming on... she is good at alerting, but I don't always recognize what she is trying to say... I hope she is just wanting attention!!

Today is also tie sewing day! Yay, I finally have everything I need, and will be trying to finish at least two of them. I may streamline the process and do one part at a time (all the cutting, all the pre-sewing, all the ironing, etc). If I can, I'm going to finish an ostomy bag cover for my friend and go ahead and get it in the mail to her. Then tonight, for relaxation, I'm going to watch a show and work on crocheting my YDD the scoodie she wanted (very cute hood with scarf and pockets at the end of each side of the scarf. My days are going to be a balance of cleaning and crafting and self care. I want to make my bff in TN a messy bun hat for when she goes hunting, so I need to find either some bright orange or camo for that. I think I have enough orange leftover from when I was making rainbow scarves (with clouds that had faces at each end, so cute!).

Saw my therapist yesterday. Got some homework to work on every day. I need to be working on mindfulness. So, practicing that when I eat, when I'm taking a break to check in with my body and see how I'm feeling (sometimes I don't notice the pain from a migraine beginning till it is walloping me, strange to some, but I have a high pain tolerance, and my focus is usually on getting the next task done), and any time I can just focus on the now. Also some grounding techniques that I need to practice several times a day, so that I not only memorize how to do it, but it becomes automatic, so if I start having a panic attack, I will remember to work on these techniques. Make time to work on the things I love, like sewing and spending time with my kids. Being more positive, and trying not to be so harsh on myself.

Didn't track or anything yesterday as we were out most of the day. I think I need to eat a bit less today, I know I went over my calories yesterday. Tracking and measuring everything in advance today. emoticon

Can't wait to get in a good workout today, not stretching and working out seems to make my day less productive. Working out in the mornings seems to jumpstart my day.

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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