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Feeling Better/More Sleep/Happy Monday!!

Monday, October 21, 2019

Just kidding, I love Mondays (I'm weird I know, lol)!!! Start to a brand new week, new choices and chances and making time for what we love!! You know one thing I love? Baking! So today I'll be making a starter for some bread to bake tomorrow and making a batch of sugar cookies and possibly some snickerdoodles for game night tonight and snacks for the kids. I'm going to have one, possibly even two, as they don't have too many calories, and with what I'm eating today, I'm not going to get enough calories otherwise.

My sinus is still stuffy, but my throat is so much better, my cough is mostly gone, and I'm not completely exhausted feeling. It is so nice to be feeling better. Yesterday I had a massive migraine, so I didn't feel as bad about not getting in my fitness minutes. It's my rest day, but I still try to do an easy, lower minute walk on the treadmill on those days. Saturday and Wednesday are my longer walk days. Once I build up some stamina and some muscle, I'll start adding intensity.

I'm done with 'someday.' I'm ready for today. I feel like I've procrastinated some this morning, but really I think I just needed to collect my thoughts and get in the right state of mind. Unfortunately I may have to go and get my ice packs for my head and take some migraine meds, but hopefully just taking some pain reliever will help me get by enough to get done what I want to get done today. Today, I'm going to work out for 90 minutes (lots of different kinds of exercises and about 25 on the treadmill with lots of yoga and stretching!!). Today I'm going to cut out all the pieces to make the toddler ties for my little cousin and get started on sewing them, 4 different ties. Today I'm going to work on the paper files in my room and move them to my new office space/craft room. Today, I'm going to do my best to get as much of my to do list done, without overdoing it. Today, I will take time to take care of myself and get some relaxation in, though exercise is very relaxing when done and I get to really stretch out my muscles!! Today has already been productive, and I need to quit being so harsh on myself and expecting every moment to be doing something, I need to know my limits and try to push past them, but at the same time, not go too far so I'm not depleted by noon.

So, I looked up the side effects of the additional sleep med my doc put me on for insomnia: weight gain and inability to lose weight. Nope. I see that doctor next week and we will stop that one, or wean me off of it. It's not working well enough, and that is a side effect I'm not willing to tolerate. The dry mouth I have from some other med is bad enough, but it keeps me drinking water all day long!! At least I got off the one that made me sweat profusely at the slightest thing! That one was awful! But, I finally went ahead and tried the all natural sleep aid I got in one of my sub boxes. It works wonderfully! And While I still woke up in the middle of the night, I was able to go to bed pretty soon afterwards. It was so nice to wake up knowing I got more sleep than usual. Yes, I checked it with my doctor before I took it. He wanted me to give the other med like two weeks before adding the all natural one.

My hair is finally growing back!! If you have a problem with hair growth, message me and I'll tell you what I take (I don't want to be an advertisement for them, great as their product is!!). Plus, getting in the amount of protein you are supposed to get is key. Doesn't matter how many vitamins you take, if you are not getting enough protein. Learned that part from my doctor.

My dream: to be able to go camping next Summer

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