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Monday, October 21, 2019

So the prep on the stalls is going slowly, though now I am promised by my dear, sweet, loving husband that today, after he gets home for work that it will fly along much faster and that the walls on the stalls will be up soon, and I will post pics of that progress tomorrow. It is getting colder here- I'm sure snow is not that far away, so will be so pleased to see the walls going up for the actual stalls. The barn looks cute.

Yesterday we had my mom and my nephew over for late lunch/early dinner. We had not seen my nephew much since school started, and he really had formed a bond with one of horses so we invited him over to see her and for a meal.

So....last night was difficult with cravings for chocolate. I took magnesium pills instead as that is the usual reason I crave chocolate. I need to add calcium to that when I do take the vitamin vs the treat, it did work like a charm the first night, and slightly on a delay last night. The good news is that the treats that the kiddos and hubby were having would have been an extra 400 calories and I did not give into it.

I have been doing normal work around the house, horse chores, dishes, sweeping floors and weed whacking etc, though I need to implement the exercise portion of this. SO I added this new screen saver to my phone, as a reminder to make it happen. I also have a riding lesson with Grace this week, I know what you maybe thinking, I already know how to ride, have shown horses at many levels and can ride a horse 50 miles, why on earth would I go through the trouble to arrange a sitter, load my horse up and drive over an hour away for a riding lesson. And the truth is that before I started endurance I was riding dressage at the lower levels, and I have an insatiable thirst for learning and improving. I cannot manage to take lessons every week, though I can *maybe* once per month part of the year and I think it will be a challenge for Grace to learn some arena work. I have done some on my own and she does not love it. BUT, her mother had arthritis, and problems that she had from before we bought her mother, and I want not only myself to age gracefully, I wish for Grace to age stronger than her mother did, just as I want to age stronger than my mother did. Both my mom, and Grace's mom had physical injuries that hastened their premature aging, so I am not disrespecting them at all. I love them both dearly, I just have seen the struggle and am trying to get Grace & I stronger. Dressage will strengthen her topline muscles along her back. Many horses end up not strenthing that and it becomes a weak link. So, that is what is up for the rest of this month. Strengthen Chris and Grace with some MOVES. emoticon Honestly, November has a lot of appointments already & it is going to have to be a priority or it won't happen. Cheers to the new screen saver/reminder to move it move it......

I've been noticing changes in my body already. My size 16 pants had even been a bit snug when I started counting down the 300 days, so, that was two weeks ago? What has two weeks of counting calories and not eating after 7 yielded? I feel better. I am not tracking inches, though I can tell you the scale keeps dropping a few pounds and then even when I've been perfectly within my calorie intake- it will sometimes jump up the next day. THOUGH even though it jumped up a pound overnight- I FEEL THINNER. not only that, I am COMFORTABLY in my size 14 jeans. That wouldn't button up a week ago without major muffin top happening. My neck, face, arms, legs, back and hinder all feel slimmer, and hubby has noticed and made some comments. SO moral of the story I guess is stick to the plan and slowly, surely the scale may not tell all that is happening because I feel better, more in control of my health, cravings are during the day getting WAY WAY easier to handle- and I have a strategy for the night chocolate cravings. I am taking supplements of magnesium and calcium. I may occasionally have a pre made treat such as some chia soaked in chocolate almond milk- though that I need to prepare ahead of time, I just cannot fall into the habit that, well, everyone in the family seems to have, which is a desert a few hours after dinner and an hour before bed. I have just been imagining crashing the whole day of effort with one late night habit, and just cannot let myself do it. One night I did, and felt like somewhat of a compromise, it was a stressful day- I had some peanut m and ms- I figured it was more peanut than chocolate! Though after that I took to taking the magnesium and have done good since that day.

See the kitten I picture? We had a wild cat give birth in our hay barn, and this is the only kitten left. We had said we were done with cats, our last two had cancer and we did not want to deal with such a loss again, so we agreed no more cats. Well, God had other plans as this little one showed up with one heart on the rump and a perfect broken heart marking on the side, and in my favorite cat colors, that I have never had actually. Grey and white. Funny how the cat was born on the day that our barn trusses arrived. Our barn is grey and white, we just did our flooring in grey with white trim, and we get this little grey and white heart kitten born in the barn.

Well, I know this journaling via a blog is mostly for me, though maybe someone else will read it too? So, If you are looking for some encouragement, don't just listen to the scale.
Have a plan stick to it the best you can, if you fall get back up again and keep going. So far so good for me, I will take the feedback my clothes and body give me far above what the scale is telling me so far. The scale is only one number. I am using an app similar to SP- it is called Lose It. Counting calories on there and it gives me occasional feedback such as a new projected date I will reach my goal which is a few weeks ahead of my AUG 3 date, so it seems to think I'm still on track. I do a lot of visualization, just to daily picture why I am doing this, imagining myself sitting on my horse, Grace, with a more slender build. The joy I will feel knowing that she is carrying far less weight. I picture myself wearing clothes I feel good in and like, instead of using clothes to hide my body shape. I do visualizations like this as I fall asleep, and sometimes if I cannot sleep I start counting the estimated pounds per week 1.5 and add those up per month and it is a bit like counting sheep and it works. It is also, I feel, programing me for success the next day. I have given my brain information on what our goal is, 1.5 pounds per week and we will get there by planning meals at the start of the day and sticking to the 1500 calorie mark. So far so good, two weeks down and only 41? weeks to go? We got this.

emoticon Christinaloves

Counting down: Today= 286 days until AUGUST 3, 2020
(Goal is Counting down FROM 300 Days)

Starting Weigh in= 218 pounds (Two Weeks ago)
TODAY Weigh in= 216.8
Yesterday's Weigh in was 215.2, and that would have been right on track with -1.5 per week. I don't know what crazy biology stuff happened overnight, though I woke up feeling actually thinner, and the scale disagrees. I am staying on point, keeping the calories at or under 1500 and am trekking on forward. I know that there are fluctuations, though let's be honest, it feels good to have the numbers agree with our goals, right? So I am focusing on how good I feel today & the feedback from yesterday's numbers that say I have actually been on goal with the -1.5 pounds the past two weeks. I am hoping that by November 1 I will be able to type in there 212 pounds or close to it. Wish me luck & health! emoticon

Starting Jeans Size = 16 (little snug at waist)
TODAY Jeans Size = 14 (comfy)

Staying under 1500 Calories & hitting the elliptical.
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    I enjoyed your blog. It didn't hurt to have the cute kitten photo. I love horses, but it was 1963 when I last rode.
    I rode forward seat and loved jumping. Not the show jumps. Just 3 ft and under.
    Post on. PUN intended. emoticon
    371 days ago
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