Consistent Inconsistency

Monday, October 21, 2019

I apologize for not blogging on the last two Sundays. Life (work mostly) has been really hectic and I have had to prioritize. Which leads me to the title of this blog, consistent inconsistency. My journey seems to be constantly changing, and my belief is that if I am going to succeed some things must remain constant and others have to change.

On the constant side are my daily weigh-ins and measuring my blood sugar. I also take my blood pressure a couple of times a week. I know that some people hate daily trips to the scale because they get too attached to the numbers. I won't say that I have never been a little disappointed in the numbers I see there, but it keeps me honest. The reality check of the weigh-in stops me from back sliding too far when life gets crazy. If I don't weigh myself for a few days, those days have turned to weeks and then months and suddenly I am asking why I regained 60 pounds. So I'm consistent in taking my data.

On the inconsistency side, there is this blog. I really value the support I receive here from all of you and I hope to give some of that back here in the blog but when things get crazy time spent on Sparkpeople is one of the first things to go. If it is a choice between spending an hour here or going to the gym for an hour, I go to the gym.

The gym is in a gray area between consistent and inconsistent. In the summer when my time was a lot freer I went seven days a week. I still aim for that, but in practice I get there five days a week. To fit it in at all, I've had to start getting up at 4:30 AM (you heard me!) to be at the gym when their doors open at 5. This is NOT my normal biorhythm!

Once I'm at the gym I become inconsistent again. All summer I did basically the same workout every day: 2 hours of cardio and an hour of weights (alternating upper and lower body days on the latter). Now I can barely fit in an hour a day total and I find that I really mix up what I'm doing. Some days I spend the entire hour on the treadmill. Other days I do something that resembles a crossfit workout, and yesterday I went for a brisk one hour hike.

Lastly, my intermittent fasting is both consistent and inconsistent. All summer I did 16/8 fasting. At the start of the semester it was 3 36-hour fasts per week. Now I am constantly mixing it up. Sometimes I don't even know how long a fast is going to be until it ends. I have set out to do a 36 hour fast and quit after 20 hours. Other times I have set out to do 16 hours and felt so good that I keep going. The only consistent part is that I keep fasting.

So I am sorry that the blogging has become one of the inconsistent parts. But I'm still out there despite my on-line silence and this it is still working and I still have my goal of being non-obese by my February doctor's appointment!

Best to you all.
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    It's ok to be inconsistent as long as you are mixing it up in ways that keep our body from adjusting to homeostasis. For instance, I have discovered that NOT exercising consistently hard lowers cortisol and this has been good for my weight loss. And that mixing up my IF schedule has been helpful instead of hurtful as long as I take advantage of those days that I can prolong a fast. I think, too, that SP's concentration on CICO has hindered my journey and that is one of the reasons that I have put Sparking low on my priority list now. However, if the IFers could band together to be more active here, I would show up more often. The group pages are difficult to keep up with. I get more support from FB IF groups.
    But I hope you know that your blogging has been part of my journey into IF. Thank you for the inspiration!
    emoticon Teresa
    595 days ago

    Wow! A workout of 3 hours. Is it possible to add short bits of exercise to your day at school? Maybe 10 minutes on the stairs, up and down, between classes. Maybe a 10 minute walk around campus. During training podcast sessions, (usually my plan time and I detested them) I would walk in place.

    The rigors of maintaining a classroom interferes with anything that resembles a normal lifestyle. Good luck with the IF and finding time to exercise.
    606 days ago
    Omg...three hour workouts during the summer???
    Your body is probably grateful for the respite.
    I do IF the same way...plan for a certain time and then respect my body’s needs.
    Maybe I call it being flexible rather than inconsistent.
    606 days ago
    Thanks for your blog. I'm just so darn happy you're back, regardless of how often! =) And I'm with you. If you can be on the Internet or at the gym, obvi the gym is the better option!
    606 days ago
  • no profile photo INCH_BY_INCH
    emoticon emoticon
    606 days ago
    "they" say you should only do what you can keep up when you set out your diet plan, I think for you, having so much more free time in the summer means you can really go all in, but when work starts up again, you really need to change up your plan to fit your more crowded schedule, no harm in that, except for acceptance.

    You have been successful with your diet/workouts/blogging, but need to work out a doable plan that fits in with work priorities, sure you have to cut back on time at the gym, but you can find more efficient workouts that don't need to be so long. And fit in shorter bursts during the day perhaps?

    I do agree, if you only have an hour, that time is better spent being active in some way than blogging! But then if you are physically tired, maybe getting your thoughts out may be the right thing sometimes as well.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
    Keep moving forward
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
    606 days ago
  • NEPTUNE1939
    606 days ago
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