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I had to ask...

Monday, October 21, 2019

Good morning friends.. feeling good after a dreary Sunday.. no music at church so I had to create my own sunshine..ran to staples to get some art supplies so the kids could make kindness lives here signs at youth group. not much physical activity the clouds opened up right as youth group was letting out and the rest of the day was a bust... but I did create some fun/healthy meals featuring apples.. Nan is feeling a bit better, today she goes to the orthopedist hopefully she will get a walking cast. I will be making them dinner tonight and will bring it over before we head out to the Jets/Patriots game.. which should be interesting to say the least.. good thing, rain is gone and weather is actually supposed to be quite nice.

Went to #cko this morning.. been avoiding Monday morning classes because I was getting frustrated. I realized it was definitely the music. It didn't flow or vibe with the moves. And it seemed every time I (as well as some others who are regulars) finally was able to get into sync with the beat, he would abruptly switch it to something else that caused the same awkward refocus over and over.. my heart rate rarely got up out the grey/blue zone and calories burned were that of perhaps a walk rather than 60 minutes of kickboxing.

I realized skipping my workout that I love and helps set my day is silly so I went this morning hopeful it would be better and it seemed worse.. I made it through. .my numbers almost 100 points below the same 60 minute workout Saturday morning.. I made a decision I was going to speak up.. but I did not want to hurt his feelings..

After class I approached the desk and asked if he used the same play list at every class, tentatively he answered, I tried to mix it up.... why??? So I said, well I hear on Sunday morning you have this awesome dance type play list and the class is a blast and I was hoping maybe you would play that for us.. He smiled and his eyes lit up and said really? I tried it in the beginning but people didn't seem to respond.. then he said.. but I don't remember you being there..and he agreed to play that music again..

I know the music choices he was making was to try to please the "crowd" and is not in his comfort zone which would explain the herky jeryky feel.. I've had classes of his before he became our regular early morning Monday guy and they were good.. because they flowed, they made sense to the music choices and it felt natural rather than awkward.

If I hadn't asked ... nothing would have changed.. Hope you have a wonderful week. I am excited that I will #nevermissamonday again unless I have a really good reason...

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