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Day 28 of my journey / 3 things I am grateful for today (October 19 2019)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Came across the picture above and thought - gross - but it is good to know what the difference is.

Today spent a little time searching through how to eat with IBS - and came up to a site called FODMAP - gives high and low foods. I found this useful reading as I can see that some of the vegetables that I would consider eating are on the gassy range and therefore would aid to problems with IBS. Am going to later (probably tomorrow) look up foods to fight inflammation. And I think if I was to put together foods from both I might see an improvement in how I feel. An idea anyway.

Meanwhile I am taking the new things I have been learning and applying them and so far so good. But the scale really is not liking it at all - rather than going down it seems to want to go up. So I can see I really need to do more work on this.

One big thing I have found is that sugar is something that my body just cant handle though my mind says 'eat it eat it and eat more of it = so am working on that issue as well. Big thing there is not having any processed foods (meaning lots of label reading as sugar is in just about everything) and definitely staying away from all sweets - though I crave sweet I know how I feel after - temporarily might have a 'high' but in the long run lots of pain. So the big thing I am going to start working on is making sure to getting rid of all the sugar.

I tried the phrase 'I don't eat that' with my husband a few times = he smiles and says 'OK but don't ask for it later' Boy does he know me. But I like that phrase - before I would say 'I can't eat that food' and the person offering would ask 'why?' leading to a discussion that really I don't want to have. But when I have used the phrase 'I don't eat that' I am getting the respond 'ok' and they move on.

So when my mind starts to wonder and I start thinking of say 'a cookie' I am going to tell myself 'I don't eat that' and move on = working on training my brain to not go there.

Made up our chilli for tomorrow's Small Care Group at our Pastors. We had some for supper tonight and it was sooooo good. And we have a large crockpot ready to go. Will be interesting to see if it all goes or if we have some left to take home.

Got on the treadmill today - I did get in my 1,000 steps for today which was the goal. So am pleased with that. Looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Working on keeping my dear daughter all oiled up with peppermint to help with her cold. It is working as it is not as runny but still congested. So now will check out other oils to use for congestion - love having natural ways to take care of this - am hoping that by Monday or Tuesday she will be well on the road of recovery as I don't send her out with her workers when she as a cold as it is unfair to all the other special needs people that they come in contact with should they pass it on.

Working on my cookbook - some of it is just a list of foods that we are now incorporating into our daily life. Then with that list am making up some recipes - and putting in some that I have come across that include the list of foods we are now starting to eat. It will be nice to have just one big recipe book of foods that we eat with recipes for them rather than numerous cookbooks where we only use one or two recipes from them. When I get it all into a binder I am thinking I will take it to a store here in town to have it properly bound - putting a nice cover on it with some picture and then on the 1st page something along the line of 'Compiled by (my name) and the date'

3 things I am grateful for are

(1) grateful that I have a laptop and am able to browse to learn about different ways to cook healthy food finding many healthy recipes

(2) grateful that I am enjoying this journey I am on

(3) grateful that I can make baby blankets for the Pregnancy Care Clinic here in town

My streaks as of today

1 day not eating after 6:30 pm

1 day of getting in 1,000 steps recorded

27 days of keeping a blog of my journey

28 days of logging onto Sparkpeople

28 days of tracking all food and water

28 days of reading the Bible with husband = we are still in the book of Esther

Now need to get of the computer and attend to my DH as she needs her meds - then I am going to sit and work on a baby blanket.

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  • _SHERRY_
    I love the idea for your cookbook! I purchased a pre-made book from Michael's (Happy Planner brand) to put my family recipes in. I'm still working on it. I have some of my grandmother's and mother's hand written recipes in there.

    I feel so much better when I am not eating sugar. I ate some last night and I woke up this morning in really bad pain! It certainly isn't something that is easy to give up!

    88 days ago
    I'm sure you know this already since it's become so hyped in the last couple of years, but the spice turmeric is good for inflammation. It even comes in capsules in the supplement section. I wouldn't take capsules, but you can use the spice in cooked recipes. Just don't drop food on your shirt - the stuff makes permanent stains just like curry powder!

    Hope you have a good time at your meeting today. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    89 days ago
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