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Super Saturday !!! I'm home, and while sad that it's over, happy to get normal back ..:)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..

Came home to a clean kitchen .. Thank you for cleaning up after your "breakfast club" meetings .. :)


Well .. we're home !!! and thankfully for some reason .. the flight home wasn't as uncomfortable, and painful as the ride there... Hubby said he thinks that the plane we were in on the way home had more padding ..I felt like I was sitting on a metal rod on the way down .. but yesterday .. as the person in back of me felt like they had their knees in my back or something in their seat pocket, and I was actually sad when they moved, because it felt like lumbar support .. lol lol lol .. I slept a good portion of the flight home, in fact to hubby's dismay, I slept through the 2nd drink offer .. that's okay .. I needed it .. :)

The one night (Tuesday), I was having soooooo much fun, I didn't get up to the room until almost 1 .. and well .. STILL woke up at 4:30 .. (6:30 home time) ... No ..I'm NOT a creature of habit .. lol lol but it came with some marvelous sunrises ... and some "just chill" time ....

In the morning's hubby would leave about 7ish, and head down to the other end of the "strip" on his walk .. and that was more "chill" time .. I would do a quick blog, drink a cup of coffee, and get myself ready .. I would leave the room around 9-9:30 .. and play $20 downstairs .. sometimes winning, sometimes not .. and then head down to the water taxi .. I had my entertainment while I was waiting .. :)

and it just gave me a wonderful feeling "just being" ...

and I headed down to the end of the ride the first day .. where we walked down the riverwalk, back a few casinos .. The weather was gorgeous .. but windy .. I was comfortable in slacks and I only had to tie my hair back because it would turn into a rats nest with the wind .. I think the temps came to the upper 80's and not a cloud in the sky, but with no humidity like we have here .. it actually felt like our 60's .. and was wonderful .. Walking along the riverwalk, was nothing like walking down the block like we would in Vegas .. where you just get from point A to point B .. People acknowledged each other in passing even with a simple hello or good morning and there was no such thing as "crowds" .. I wasn't the least bit concerned walking by myself; the times that hubby ran to the store for a soda/water pickup .. :)

I really wasn't concerned about "WHAT" I ate .. because I WAS on vacation .. but how much ... We ate only 1 meal a day .. usually lunch .. and then hubby brought along some snacks .. pretzels, mini cheesy ritz sandwiches, mini peanut butter ritz sandwiches, and I was satisfied most of the time .. For the most part I was more thirsty than hungry .. The first day we had In and Out burger, the second day we had our buffet down at the Riversedge, and the third day we found a place where we could use our points that we accumulated throughout the time we were there, and had a burger and fries, with a soda .. This is the place I picked up a plastic knife, because at our hotel, if we decline maid service, we have $10 to spend in one of their restaurants ... we buy a slice of pizza and it comes with a garlic knot, and soda .. and that's our final meal of the trip ....

People look at me .. and say "ONE SLICE of pizza !!!!????" ... yup .. Now you have to consider .. the entire pizza is about 3 feet round .. so 1 slice is like 2 slices of regular pizza for EACH of us !!!! It makes is much nicer as well .. I can quickly make the beds each day .. (just consists of pulling up the blankets, and straightening the pillows) and that's one of the things "to get ready" for myself.. Instead of throwing the towels on the floor after a shower, we hang them up .. I brought some instant coffee with me this time, because last time the hardest part was "bleeding 2 coffee packets to 3 or 4 days" .. so I brought along some instant coffee, and a travel mug .. and it worked out PERFECT !!!! I would bleed the coffee packets, and then add some instant to bring it to taste .. :) and Waalaaa !!!! I had coffee !!!!

That way we don't have to be concerned about "putting stuff away" each day, and I could lounge around and relax in the mornings without worrying about the maid service coming through .... just works out so much better .. or walking in on the maid if we wanted to take a break during the day !!!

The nice thing when we leave .. we're escorted by the busses, and our luggage is transferred by the hotel .. so many times we can leave before scheduled time, if everything goes smoothly; and everyone gets there ... as soon as the line is through the checkin, and the crew arrives .... we're usually on our way .. from our one horse town, and HUGE airport .. lol

Yup .. that's the airport .. has 2 "gates" .. which is funny, because you walk across the tarmac and up a ramp ...

So -- that was our vacation .. I was truly sad to leave yesterday but now I'm happy to be home .. We got home, and called mom to let her know .. the entire time she was slobbering with grapes in my ear .. *rolling eyes here* .. (think you could stop eating to have a conversation ?? lol lol ) I told her I would be over on Sunday .. .

We stopped for our $5 friday pizza, because mother hubbards cupboards are pretty much still bare ..and I walked over to the grocery across the lot, and picked up an onion and package of mushrooms .. I sautee the mushrooms separate, because hubby is not a mush mush person, and that way I don't have to worry about "half of the pizza" .. but I sliced and onion and put it on the whole thing .. hubby does like onions .. so I ended up with a supreme pizza, and hubby had his sausage and onion .. :) Only thing I think I'd do next time I get gourmet ... would be to add some cheese, and microwave it a bit, to hold the mush's on .. lol lol ..

But by 6:00 I couldn't hold my eyeballs open anymore .. and went up to bed .. hubby was working on getting his 10000 steps in .. I didn't really care yesterday .. I was tired .. lol lol ..

I crawled into bed, and hubby came up about an hour later .. and I had to keep waking him up, because he was playing games on his phone, and kept falling asleep .. and I don't want him to roll over and break the screen or something .. so I kept waking him up .. which kept me up .. until he finally listened to me, and put his phone away .. *sigh* .. boys !!!

I slept SOLID until 9 this morning when I finally woke up and got started .. I had it in my head, that I was GOING to start my exercises again .. no excuses .. so yes .. I did them .. no arguing .. (plus I was stiff from sleeping soooo long .. lol lol they felt good .. lol )

Today will consist of vacation laundry .. I have a rule of thumb .. if you take it with you, whether you wear it or not .. it goes through the laundry when we get home ..

This is a busy week ahead of me, (but thankfully not crazy busy) so today I'm just being at home, and laundrying .. :) getting myself together for the week ahead .. :) ...

Mom told me that she doesn't want to go shopping for her party, so I should just pick up the snacks because I know what they like .. Well -- I will do that on the way to visit her tomorrow .. and also get her her shoestring potatoes that she enjoys .. stopping at the Waukesha Farm and Fleet .. (closer than Watertown .. lol) .. I also told hubby that I was going to make an angel food cake, and pick up some strawberries as well .. and not tell her .. but just in case her baking doesn't work out .. she was going to make angel food cake, and a raspberry fluff .. I have a backup .. and don't have to stop on the way for expensive desserts .. and I enjoy angel food cake and strawberries .. so it won't go to waste ..

On Wednesday; I want to get my nails done, and then have dinner with my friends at night, Thursday is mom's card party, and then next Sunday is the retirement party"s" for Lois and Jimmy .. so it's back to normal fun busy !!!!

Hubby is already talking about New Years trip .. and that sounds soooo wonderful .. I've NEVER been able to take a New Years vacation, because of my job.. Year end, and New year, well .. always fell into that sequence .. For as busy as my business life was, that was the part of the year that I did NOT look forward to because it called for 60-80 hour weeks for at least mid December to the end of January .. so that would be SOOOO WONDERFUL !!!! but really not holding my breath, as things could change between now and then ..

So -- that's the cliff notes version to my vacation .. I stepped on the scale and am happy to say that it went down a pound since I left .. that's a good thing .. not paying attention to what I was eating .. lol lol lol ...

Today -- starts my journalling .. journalling my eats, journalling my weights, journalling my feelings, journalling my exercise .. and with the weekend to get myself together .. I think I'm going to give myself that reprieve of weekends as I do with my ice cream rule .. If it doesn't work out .. I can always "make more restrictive rules"

*IN WRITING ..... WITHIN REASON, SUGAR CAN BE EATEN ON WEEKENDS WITHOUT RESTRICTION ... I do this with ice cream and have done it for years .. and it works wonderful, and there are times that I really don't care .. but if I miss the weekend, I can't 'compensate' through the week .. and during the week, I'm limiting myself to 1 serving of sugar .. candy, grape jelly on toast, bakery goods ... etc etc .. a day !! and only after eating something substantial .. If a sugar snack is required during the day .. an apple (or piece of fruit) will be my choice ... Weekends will be more relaxed .. :) *

IT IS RULE !!!!!

Okay -- now that I've babbled and it's 11:55 .. I think I should get myself together ... and get my laundry started .. :)

Wish you a wonderful day !!!!! I'm going to .. Hubby is out running errands and "rebuilding our food sources .. lol" so I'm pretty much on my own today .. which I think will be hanging around the house .. :)

Have a great day!!!!!!!
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    Glad you had a great time!
    Sounds like a busy week ahead of you!
    258 days ago
    A DH who shops for groceries. Lucky you!
    258 days ago
    258 days ago
    OHhhhhhh yes, that’s part of the deal. Clean up after imbibing . . . . I mean coffee and a treat!

    Glad the flight went better coming home!

    Yes, isn’t it amazing that the body just gets used to getting up at a certain time and that’s that. I remember sleeping mega-hours as a teen, and couldn’t understand why my parents were up at the crack of dark in the a.m. NOW I get it.

    My favorite is the raven (or crow??) checking things out.

    Glad your Mom was ok while you were gone. Sheesh!

    That’s a really good vacation laundry rule. I do the same thing. Just feels right.

    You have a busy week lined up. That will be nice to attend Jimmy & Lois’ retirement party.

    Waahoo on the released lb.! That’s awesome.

    Glad you're back.
    258 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    Sounds like you had a great break! Did you come home richer, poorer or even? When I’ve been to a Reno or Vegas I always set a daily limit so I didn’t lose my shirt on the 1st day! Lol!!

    258 days ago
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