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Friday, October 18, 2019

emoticon if you already read this blog from today, scroll to the UPDATE section please.

The struggle is real seriously and thank you ALL for real *************

Good evening, emoticon it is 9:30pm at night and I want to share something with you.

The physical exercise = I have NO problem with...
it is the easiest thing to do as it has become a habit now, so it is part of my routine.

I went from a lifetime of this for 63 years:

to this: happily walking/jogging 6 days a wk emoticon
emoticon no matter my size...255lbs I am just literally HAPPY I can move my body. emoticon

what is NOT part of my routine is my struggle with food intake. emoticon

It is not that I am hungry as I am never hungry.

it is the constanttttttt and dailyyyyy mental struggle of my obsession with food. emoticon

constantly... no joke ….

The minute I wake up I am wondering what I am going to eat and this thought process goes on thru out the day until sleep time. It is an every day struggle... a constant struggle between knowing what is right and wrong and still doing the wrong. ugh!

it is frustrating and never ending.... continual... round the clock.

Please forgive me as I share my truth .... this is real... this is my struggle.

its a constant battle daily and I am sick of it.

I try to change and it will last for a day or a few days and it is back to square one.

HOW do you, any of you, honestly stay on track or whatever

.... do you struggle also or is it just me?

How do you handle it?

thanks for listening and again sorry if my truth was too open and honest.

I am just not one to sugar coat things... I just share my truth. That is all. hugs

emoticon it is 11:15pm and I was in the ladies room washing my face and putting on my night cream and then I thought oh noooooooooooooooooo…. maybe I was TOO honest in my blog... maybe I should pretend all is well.... maybe I dont want anyone to KNOW that I struggle constantly and daily.....

so I turned on my computer with the FULL INTENTION TO DELETE MY BLOG to be honest

and to my Surprise...


WOW.. = I realized that I was NOT ALONE....

and what I was going thru was common and other people struggle too

and I read all the different ways people handle their struggles and then

I realized... okay it is NOT that serious

that life Happens and we CAN and WILL go on... with everyday life and move forward...

or one hour at a time or in baby steps... it is a JOURNEY

and WE can do it ….


what I am trying to say is...………… Seriously

you ALL helped me get OUT of my slump and I am truly, truly GRATEFUL

and thank you for giving me hope and your support helped me find happiness again, for REAL

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Thanks to ALL of you.....

I will REMEMBER that take a breath as tomorrow is a NEW day emoticon emoticon

Seriously thank you everyone from my heart I thank you. emoticon

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