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Correcting my thinking and Reinforcing Self Care

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

We all know what we do wrong. Wrong behavior is often followed by negative feedback. That’s when my mind tells me that I was stupid, weak, lazy etc. I learned to stop the negative comments with counter punches.

Negative thought. I didn’t exercise today. I’m just lazy, unmotivated and a failure.
Counter punch. I didn’t exercise but it’s NOT true that I’m lazy, unmotivated or a failure.

It’s important for me to recognize that NOT completing my fitness minutes today was only one day out of seven days of planned fitness minutes for the week. Recognizing that allows me to consider a 10 minute exercise routine or Beth Donovan’s “exercise snacking.”

To practice self care I need to refute those negative things I said.

I’m NOT lazy. I do my planned fitness minutes several times a week. I need to allow myself to be flexible. I’m NOT perfect. It is unrealistic to expect perfect compliance EVERY day. I need to change my goals so I can miss a day and still FEEL okay.

I’m NOT unmotivated. I still want my journey to succeed. When I don’t do my planned exercise, I hold myself accountable. Being accountable is part of the change I seek. Unmotivated people don’t re evaluate their goals and honor the need for change.

I am NOT a failure. I’m just human. I have lost 25 pounds. I am NOT quitting. I’m a work in progress.

To complete my self care I need to make sure to change my thoughts back to the positive.

You did GREAT today. You drank your water, ate your planned meals and you recognized you didn’t exercise today. You re evaluated your goals and made changes that allow you to achieve your goals more consistently. You didn’t give in to all or nothing thinking. You should be proud of yourself. You didn’t quit. Today, you are a journey success!


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