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Getting hit on before we even meet with the group on meetup? ugh!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Getting hit on before we even meet with the group on meetup? ugh! THAT was in poor taste.

hi everyone,

I just joined yet ANOTHER New meetup group, 60 Fun and Single group as it literally opened up two days ago on and this guy, age 59, who lives an hour away from me keeps messaging me on the website and hitting on me with I really would like to get to know more about you, what are you really looking for on here? etc . emoticon

mind you the group has NOT even met in person yet... that is scheduled for 11/8 but yet he thought he would get first DIBS? He is probably going down the list of single women in this group... shakes my head...

After a few messages where I realized WHERE he was going with this... I got fed up with being gracious with him telling me I want to get to know you, etc.... so I said, Dear Jason, I look forward to meeting you along with the GROUP of people at our first meetup IN person not via messaging in secret. See you at the meetup, take care.

I also let the leader of the meetup group know as well so she can be aware of what is going on with this man hitting on women before he even meets them IN person ugh!

its like..

it is amazing how one group is so kind, Respectful and fun playing cards and this man in a different group is …. well he is a player trying to play the field.. it is so clear. it is like the difference between a man having class and no class in my opinion … sad. I guess there is one bad apple in any group LOL

Anyway, I nipped that one IN the bud real quick emoticon

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