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Wednesday, and not a Ball of Fire today

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Yep, it is Hump Day, again. and a cloudy, cool day here. Haven't seen no sun yet today, and only in the high 30's. And for some reason, even though I slept well last night, I am exhausted. Want to start digging those canna bulbs today but that just might not happen. Did get all the potatoes dug, and the calla's, and was going to start on the canna's this afternoon while hubby was down helping his brother harvest. He was earlier and wanted help with cleaning out the Little Horsey Barn, and I told him No. I think he was shocked that I declined. So I don't know if did any work out there or not, but I do feel a little bit guilty not helping but sometimes you just have to say no, and let them do it themselves, after all I don't see him helping me cook, clean, or laundry. lol, No I am not hubby bashing, I am just tired.

So this is short as it is almost noon and better get something figures out for his dinner, before he leaves for the field, as I am sure those beans will be dry enough sometime this afternoon. As some of you might not know that beans and corn have to be at a moisture level low enough to keep from spoiling, and if isn't with in that level the elevators won't take it, or you have to put it is driers, very big dries, and dry it down to the level that is will not rot. And at night it naturally absorbs the moisture in the air, making the levels to high, so it has to dry again, and with it so cloudy and no sun it takes a few hours before that moisture evaporates.

So I better Shake A Leg, take care and have a GET day, and mine might be a little lacks in the GET today. Linda
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