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Day 24 of making changes (October 15 2019)

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Another day is coming to a close / another day of making changes to my lifestyle / another day to think of things I am grateful for.

For those who read my last blog re being frustrated - thank you so much for your comments and suggestions - it means a lot to me to know others care and took time to share with me. My Spark friend Renee one that has been such a blessing to me - so very helpful and giving me lots of encouragement - a great big shout out to you ' thanks so much Renee you are one special lady.'

So I am going to be doing a little more research this week - one thing I am going to do it look over the recipes here on Sparkpeople for vegetables. I have a list of vegetables to avoid because of having IBS but most others are ok. So am going to make a list of different vegetables to look for that should not affect the IBS problem. Am needing to find ways to get in enough vegetables that (a) look appealing (b) that texture won't throw me off (c) that smell good and of course won't affect the IBS condition. One that I am able to consume is spinach as long as it is cut up very small for salads or used in my protein shake. Salads of spinach, celery, and cucumber are good but do get tired of them so I tend to go more for the protein shake with the spinach. Also looking at what spices to use on them that make them tasty. At any rate I will search out recipes to see what I can come up with.

Tomorrow I am going shopping as I know have my homemade broth for making some soup. I am going to get some vegetables that I like for soup and hope to get a few large jars of soup made up that hopefully will last for 1 - 2 weeks as the weather is really nice for having some good homemade soup. I am also going to look at making some soup with beans but have to be careful with them as they tend to affect the IBS problem.

Another change I have ready to start tomorrow is my walking program. I have set 10 am to get on the dreaded treadmill. I will walk for 2 minutes (when the pain in back starts due to incline of treadmill - can't lower it as it is as low as it goes) then will sit for 5 minutes when my trusty timer will ding and I will then get back on treadmill. Tuesdays and Sundays I will not start at 10 as both those days I will be out of the house at that time but on those days between 1 - 5 pm the goal is to get in 1,000 steps = more if possible. As per my coach/personal trainer she suggested at this time to aim at getting 10 minutes completed keeping an eye on how many steps I take during that time. She suggested if I am under 1,000 steps then to continue my 2 minute / take 5 minute break / 2 minute till I do get a min. of 1,000 steps. After 7 days she suggested than to increase the time to 12 minutes and so forth. She has suggested that the aim should be to work up to getting up to 4 - 5 minutes walk at one time within 6 weeks of consistently walking all depending on my back condition. But the goal overall is to eventually be able to walk for more than 2 minutes increasing it by 2 minutes as I go along.

So the next 7 days I will be (1) collecting some recipes (2) working on my walking program (3) reading the Bible daily with husband (4) blogging 3 grateful things for the day plus comment on the day.

I am generally feeling so much better today - my mind is focus on healthy changes not just food wise, but with exercise and with my spiritual life

As I said in the title of this blog - I am on Day 24 - just about finished The Sparkpeople 28 day program but still on the 1st part of what Sparkpeople offers - 90 days of making changes. At that time I will move to the 2nd part of the change - Plateau program which I believe is for 28 days and then finally the Consistency and Motivation part of the program. Am so forward to looking forward to completing all 3 of these programs offered as I do believe I will see a lot of positive changes.

Here are 3 things I am grateful for today (October 15 2019)
(1) grateful that I can see clearly of what I need to do to help improve my lifestyle
(2) grateful that our 2nd daughter and family will be here on the weekend to look for a new house
(3) grateful that I was able to attend the Systematic Theology class tonight - a heavy topic that I am going to do more studying on to get a better handle on the topic

Here are my streaks so far

(1) 23 days of blogging (includes today)

(2) 24 days of logging onto Sparkpeople

(3) 24 days of tracking all food and water

(4) 24 days of reading Scripture with my husband

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