I Finally Did It, Didn't I!?!

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

What the what? Did what?
Got a big fat E for EXERCISE!

Yes, I actually had to start somewhere...and my old behavior, was to go great gangbusters, right from the start, then be in traction for a week...nursing my wounds.

Not this time, nope! This time, I'm starting out with a week's low impact chair workouts, at 10-15 mins a shot. I figure that will get this old tired body moving again.

I have to say, after tracking my food for over a week, I am already becoming conscious of what's going into my mouth and how many calories, nutrients, sodium, etc. I do know I need a better multivitamin.

Onward and upward, peeps!

On a side note, my dear husband brought home a package of chocolate donuts from the store.
Instead of getting mad,I simply figured them in...THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!

His heart doctor wants him to start using a stationary bike, to get exercise, too. My Mom had one sitting in her basement and brought it over yesterday. He'll get his workout and I'll get mine!

I'm not ready for the bike yet...might tip over or something. All that's coming to mind is my daughter, years ago, telling me about a time that she and her friends went out and actually pushed cows over!!! Ohhh noo! Haaaa. :) Funny where the mind wanders!

Happy Sparking, people!
Have an awesome sauce kinda day.
P.S. Little Debbie's NOT my BFF.
I think we're breaking up. ( I might need some consoling over here). Haaaaa

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