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My world is upside down

Saturday, October 12, 2019

September 21st was a day I will never forget. My brother had a major heart attack and coded as they hot him from ER to ICU. I mean we all rode up in the same elevator to ICU. Our friend, Shawn and I went to the waiting area. My brother wheeled into his room. The doors closed to the unit when they called Code Blue 420. I used to work in a hospital- 10 years and have heard many codes called and some were people known to me personally. I called our youngest brother to tell him and he rushed to the hospital. Ater was seemed an eternity they came out so we could see him. In the early hours of the morning he had a heart cath. The cardiologist called me at 5:55am requesting permission to implant an impela or heart pump so the could clean out a 99% blockage and put in a stent. I gave it. Shawn, my brother and I went to the hospital. The blockage was full of blood clots. Later we saw him. He was on the heart pump four days before it was removed. He was kept sedated and on pain meds for 14.5 days. He was in and out of consciousness the last few days. They slowly weaned him off the pain and sedation meds and got him off the ventilator with no problem three days ago. His kidneys were collateral damage according to the kidney doctor. He's on dialysis Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Late Thursday they moved him to a long term acute care Speciality hospital for dialysis and rehab. Yesterday he was in an uproar because they wouldn't get him up for rehab because he was in a fib. I spent hours trying to explain it hi. After 2 of his doctors rounded I spelt horrible last night, I've had migraines the last four days, not constant but chronic recurrent ones. I didn't see him today. I will go up there tomorrow. We are in Florida. I'm sleeping on my other brother's futon. Trying g to find a way to the hospital. Yesterday and tomorrow a sweet friend is taking me. Yesterday she took me to a late lunch afterwards and got me out in the sunshine. Please pray for us. My brother needs prayers for his healing g and recovery. Today's dialysis they only removed 2 liters of fluid. All the others have been 3.4 liters. His output is good so the doctor is hopeful that he can be weaned off dialysis. Right now his heart rate needs to stabilize so they can get him up and moving.
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