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Some days I just have to SMILE!! A LOT!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

The scale SMILED at me this morning! What a GREAT WAY to start my Saturday. It's weigh in on the 5% Challenge (Week 1) and I am on the emoticon A team!! I am their CL (Challenge Leader) now just because I am, does NOT mean I have my act together!! LOL I TRY, but hey, I am not perfect.

Last week I weighed in at 173.6 and this week 172.9 so GONE is 7ozs!! I'll TAKE THAT!!

I went for a walk right off this morning for 70 mins!! It was ONLY 54 out (12.222 C) it was RAW, WINDY, but I WANTED THIS!!

As I walked I started to warm up ,,, some!

Even when it's a little drizzing out, it's STILL pretty!!

Its kinda funny, but I've lived within 5 miles of where I was born other than a bit in FL and a bit in CO. This complex is less than a 5 min walk from where I do now and the blue one is my first apartment!

A heron who's decided our harbor is a NICE place to live. He or She is a funny little thing. Many have said "Oh it's plastic" as I've walked by. It's not.

I LOVE how the marsh grass also turns color in the fall. Soon it'll be just brown.

I had my 8 glasses of water today!! WOOHOO!!

So far I have in 70 mins of exercise!!

I've eaten 5 servings of VEGGIES!!


My Goals for week 2 of the 5% Challenge and for week 6 of the Biggest Loser (GOOO INVINCIBLE INDIGO TEAM! WOOHOO!) are:

For Sat and Sun 120 mins of exercise Oh yeah, add in Monday

But Tues thru Fri it'll be 60 to 90 mins of exercise.

HUH??? WHAT??? Why the DIFFERENCE???

On the 5% Challenge teams we compete against each other. The max amount of exercise minutes we can count is 120 and I WANT to help my team out.

On the 5% We are also working on 2 healthy habits.

Drinking Water, the max I can count is 8 glasses (8 ozs each) NO SODA counts! Even if it's zero cals, after all it's WATER that does. This is rather easy for me.

We are also tracking our food. This is VERY EASY for me,,, NOW!! Oh, it was NOT at first, but I've gotten used to doing it, and most of my usual foods are now in my favorites and or recent.

So for the rest of the week I NEED to concentrate on what I have left for the Indigo team:

For the nutritional ITC

8. Try a new or rarely eaten fruit.
9. Try a new or rarely eaten veggie.

For the Fitness ITC

1. 1.Take a SparkPeople Quiz
6. Core ST 10 minute
8. Dance by the light of the moon. Use link or find your own music.
9. Workout with SP video
10. Core ST workout

I have until Weds at 11:59 PM EDT to complete these. For the Fitness, likely tomorrow (Sunday) I'll do a core exercise, a workout with a SP video. MIGHT Do the dance by the moon. LOL that'll be funny!! I live in the city, and at night I DO NOT DARE to walk outside of the high rise I live in, but 41 units face the water and the parking lot. We are 55 and over high rise, and WHY NOT give them a HUGE GIGGLE???

SO OFF I go now to walk for 20 more mins and than do another 10 of stretching and I'll have in my 120 MAX of exercise for the DAY!! WOOHOO

For coming to my blog!! I love the comments!!


Its a GREAT DAY!! I HOPE yours was also.
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