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Friday, and really cool.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Another gloomy day here, was only 31 this morning when I went out to do chores, at least I didn't have to call twice to have Finn come and eat his breakfast. And every thing out there was looking for some where to stand behind to get out of the wind. And yes, did see a few little snow flakes. Merlin just came in the the second time today. Guess, he isn't looking for winter, but he does love playing in the snow with Duke. I still haven't turned on the furnace, but do have electric base board heat separate from the electric furnace and hubby has turned that on almost daily to warm up the kitchen, and sometimes, well most of the time, he forgets to turn it off, and when I get up it is like a sauna in the kitchen, and I am opening windows. lol It does have it own thermos but when he turns it on he turn it all the way on, up to the 90's, so it never shuts off.

At least with these cooler temps I don't have to think about waking up the Lawn Ranger, I think she can rest awhile, unless it warms up again. And now all I have to do is dig the potatoes, and the bulbs, but it has to dry some, as I don't want to have all that mud on everything. So that will have to wait a few days. So it will be inside jobs until it is fit, except do have a few succulent planters I need to take around to the back of the garage for the winter. But not today, doing laundry today. Seems like it is always laundry, we are just 2 people, how can we have so much of it.

Both of us slept good last night, so hopefully that cold of hubby is letting up on the congestion, and so far it has not invaded me. But I still am keeping my fingers crossed. I keep telling him that all his running into town everyday, twice some days, and standing around with all those germs walking in those enclosed areas is not a good thing this time of year. People that are sick really do need to stay at home and not spread it around. Now me on the other hand, am quite satisfied to stay home, and enjoy my own company. Whenever I get sick it usually I catch it from Dear Hubby. lol he loves to share.

Take care, and have a GET day. Linda
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