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FANTASTIC FRIDAY !!!! 2 more days till vacation, and well .. day 2 of 'sperment SUCCESS !!!!!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..

FANTASTIC FRIDAY !!!! 'speriment day 2 = SUCCESS !!!!!!

I will know that this will be a TOTAL success when I don't focus so heavily on food, and bring my life back into the picture .. Did you ever notice, when one thing is the center of your focus that other things take detours ?? Well -- that's usually the way with me .. but not this time .. I'm working on the focus of food .. (alittle too heavily for comfort) but my exercises, and normal activities are not suffering ... somethings wrong with this plan .. ???? lol lol lol ...

But I am focusing on food .. my donuts are still calling my name .. and my candy is still calling my name .. No matter what I say .. I tell them 1 x a day .. 1 SERVING a day ..

It was a quiet day .. cuz hubby took the road trip to the Dells, and well .. glad I didn't go, because his free money, didn't give him ANYTHING ... I kind of figured when he came home and didn't tell me the "tally" .. lol .. When I finally got it out of him; he admitted it wasn't worth the travel .. lol .. but he DID cash in the ticket that we brought home last week .. :) lol ..

After I finished with my blogging, I got myself put together and took a ride to Meijer .. to pick up some stuff ... echinachea, apple cider vinegar tablets, and wanted some salad for lunch .. it was too warm for soup .. and we are pretty much starting to "make up" things to eat .. lol .. and hubby sent a text that he would like bbq ribs for dinner .. so I pulled them out when I got home .. :) But I have been hungry for chopped salad, and I fell into a deal .. I got there, and they had the ones that were towards the expiration date, for 40% off .. so $2 for a salad, was AWESOME !!! I bought 1 for yesterday and am going to have one today .. YAY ME !!!!!

I got home and pulled the bbq ribs .. and put them in the sink .. and went upstairs to start working on my "miscellaneous" packing .. :) and I have that almost done with the exception of the stuff I'm still going to use in the next couple of days .. I have my clothes laid out .. and I'm almost ready to go .. :) *teeheeheee*

We had bbq ribs for dinner, and well .. they were good, but not as good as the other brand we used to get .. and I was happy that the bbq sauce didn't act up on me .. well ... I just had to give it some time to get through the route out .. and "oops .. there it is" .. For some reason .. bbq sauce is sooo good, but it acts up on me .. and I'm happy it waited until this morning instead of bothering me through the night .. :)

Today is just putzing around the house .. Hubby has an appointment to stop at mom's and get her grocery list, and pick stuff up .. She got an EXCELLENT report from the Occupational Therapist, and she really likes her Physical Therapist, Tyler .. She said he even does the exercises with her .. lol .. She has 3 more sessions .. and she's done .. :) So that will happen next week I guess .. lol ..

I printed out the insides of my retirement cards yesterday .. so today will consist maybe of putting them together and doing up some special envelopes, and finishing my thank you cards to send them out .. That way I can take them over to mom's to show her and then mail them out; and get the retirement cards ready for when we come back .. because that week is going to be a busy one .. unless she gets my brother to take her out for snacks for her card party while I'm gone, and I have dinner with my friends on the Tuesday .. and mom's card party on Thursday .. So time will be a bit more tight .. and then the party on Sunday .. this way I'm done and don't have to worry about it ...

On to day 3 ..... How funny, I was looking at an article in a very old magazine ... from 2008 .. yes ..I keep most of my magazines, even though there's not many; until they are WELL read .. and it just happened to have an article .. "don't eliminate anything from your diet" because you are more likely to "binge", and the cravings build so high that when you do break down, you over do it, and/or you over eat trying to compensate for that which you can not have .. pushing yourself to fail .. So I feel good about my thoughts and plan .. and while my focus is removing processed sugar .. I'm not doing it totally .. because of this .. as this was my fears from the start .. That's why I didn't choose to go back to low carb .. Even though I felt good when I was doing it, and it became easier purely by determination .. Once I started integrating that which should not be eaten; the mega binging started .. All this stuff that I've deprived myself of for success .. was my primary focus, and well .. here we are .. lol lol .. so if I just cut back .. and limit myself to 1x a day .. I think I can do this .. I am just "chosing" carefully .. :)

Okay-- that's my story .. Yes .. the challenge is .. we have tons of candy and sweets around the house, just because "I" want to work on this .. doesn't mean that hubby has to "suffer" as well .. even though he knows that he is more than welcome to join me .. If I can ... er ... WHEN I make this work .. and he sees the successes, then he will turn over and join me .. however, it has to be HIS choice, and therefore, my willpower has to be stronger; and that will be proof that I can do it .. :) I also picked up a notebook and set it next to my sitting room couch, and I figured I could have fun when I return .. Food journal and doodle book .. Something legit to write .. and practice with .. So far I practice with words that pop into my head .. this could be for real .. lol lol lol

Here's wishing everyone a great day !!!!!

I'm going to continue working on packing, and playing in my room !!!! :) (it's rainy and cold out perfect day for indoor stuff) how 'bout you .. ????
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    273 days ago
    You are doing what works for you focusing on food.

    Glad your Mom got an excellent report from the OT and she like the PT. That’s ½ the battle.

    I think that article is right. It’s like the minute you declare something off limits you crave it to the moon and back. Moderation!

    The food journal sounds good and double duty!

    273 days ago
    When I lived in Lacrosse, I volunteered in the RT dept in a nursing home. We did seated exercised twice a week with them. I did them and so did the RT staff! OMG the elderly loved it. They spent more time giggling at us then doing them but they loved every moment. One time one of the staff was pg and she did it with them. They spend more time betting if she was going to go into labor during the exercises. That totally is a awesome PT your mom has!!!

    I am so grateful to not have to go anywhere today in this 'fun weather'!
    273 days ago
    have a great weekend
    Hubby loaded up on sweets at grocery and ice cream
    I on the ohter hand stuck to my list emoticon
    273 days ago
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