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October 9th -Wednesday

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

The winds are blowing in some serious cold ..or so they say. Right now it is just The Winds Blowing a lot! North of us temps are dropping rapidly!
I did a clean up on the wood stove..got wood in and generally tried to get things taken care of so
we will be ready for the Big Chill.
This afternoon Miss Molly discovered a tarantula ! She was fascinated by the creature and just kept approaching it.The least movement and Molly would jump back, but then right back at it. After a bit the poor creature was tired of it all and started spitting "stuff" at Molly. I decided then ..it was enough for both of them. Gene was here..so he got the spider and put it over the fence. Molly was not happy..until the silly spider climbed up a weed and was trying to get on the fence! Sigh..A bit more play time for them both..then since the spider was spitting stuff at Molly..not a good thing I was sure. I put Molly out front and wished the spider on its way. They are supposed to be migrating to Mexico..and this one was headed North in the yard..guess it's GPS wasn't working well.
Tammy looked up to see what the creature was spitting..according to the article she found. They spit up hairs from their stomach that have an irritant on them, not poison, but enough to cause some discomfort to the animal or human they land on. Luckily Molly was clear and did not actually get any of the "juice" on her. I would like to think she learned..but my bet is on her being a big ole silly pup and investigating the next one that comes along. We are on the migration path..so pretty sure there will be more for her to "play" with.
Have a good night..hey we got thru Hump Day"...on the finishing side of the week now! Yeah!!
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