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"Tis the Seasons"

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Here we are: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentines' Day. Holidays of traditions laced with sweets. Nice excuses can fill the mind to partake, no, OVER indulge in our favorite delicacies. But, we don't need a holiday to crave sugar and is there anyone who doesn't have sugar cravings? Unless you're an alien I'm thinking, *not*.

Cutting ties with sugar, whether in the form of treats or pasta, is the most difficult for me. I'm Italian and pasta and pastry are kissing cousins in my culture; they are a staple at every holiday meal and family gathering. Yes, even at Thanksgiving that worships the turkey you can bet lasagna is on the menu too!

So, I'm doing a little research on taming the sugar beast in me as I'm wondering how long will these intense cravings, since changing my diet continue. I found that sucrose = sugar = what is in 99.9% of cakes, pies, candy, etc... According to an article on the ePainAssist website, Reviewed By: PRAMOD KERKAR, M.D., FFARCSI, DA:

"Usually, the sugar cravings last for 10 days to a fortnight for most people. This can be less or even more for some. Of course, the first few days are the most difficult time. If you indulge in a sweet food or drink in this phase or cheat your diet, it is more likely that you will crave for more. This is because, when you eat something sweet, it will contain sucrose. Sucrose is unable to respond to the brain telling you that you are full. Therefore, you end up eating more and crave for more sweet stuffs."

No wonder, after consuming a cup of my favorite juice, savoring a chocolate bar or delving into cannoli & sfogliatelle it never feels like enough. Sucrose's effect insistently yells, "MORE, MORE!" And, I oblige. Then, after being in a sugar daze regret is always faithful to pay me a visit--and it likes to stay. It beckons "Eat a little more, you're already in too deep to go back and you KNOW you want it." So it speaks half truths: yes, I WANT it, but NO I'm not in too deep. I can stop, I can get rid of you as a matter of fact, but *that* IS up to me. No one can do it for me.

Is this all there is to sugar cravings? No, it's only one of the puzzle pieces, but for me an important one to find right out the gate.

It's not easy, there's no secret weapon to making good choices, but accomplished consistently, WILL become a good *habit.* That's what I'm aiming for--*lasting* change in the form of good habits that add to my well being and not my waistline.
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