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Wonderful Woman Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

How often do you monitor your thoughts - either positive or negative? If you're like most people, you rarely give it a second thought. Do you believe that you can change your body's chemistry by changing your thoughts? What If there was one technique that would actually help keep you more positive and, thus, more motivated more often than not to help move you forward toward your goals?

Let's try a little experiment to illustrate the power of our thinking, not only on ourselves, but others with whom we come in contact during our daily routine:

For the morning, intentionally make a "conscious effort" to talk negative, and think negative - let your inner critic run amok! If you are not used to doing this, you might find it difficult.

Now, or the afternoon, make the conscious effort to think and talk only positive.

So, how did you feel in the morning and the afternoon? How did people react to you throughout your day? Notice anything else that is noteworthy? Were your experiences better in the morning or the afternoon?

You might have noticed that you encountered more adversity when thinking thoughts, and that people responded more positively, and naturally, or even smiled at you when you were positive. How was that for a '"real- time lesson" in the power of negative and positive thinking.

I didn't know it, but in reading about the benefits of positive and negative thinking today, I learned that your body and brain actually puts out certain emotional signatures with each thought and it's accompanying emotion. In order to use these "unique signatures" your body initializes and enlists the cell receptors to respond and hold that emotion. You unconsciously broadcast these to others, and they to you.

If you are constantly criticizing yourself, or angry most of the time, your brain is releasing a whole lot of anger, which we'll call Chemical A. Your cells have to somehow handle all that extra Chemical A that's now flowing through your system.

Let's think and analyze this in a simple, understandable way. Since our cells are simply containers, and can only hold so much of a certain chemical, each cell starts changing it's chemical receptors to handle the extra Chemical A that is being released into your system. Your body will actually enlist, adapt, and change previously programed cells for "tagged" for other emotions into cells that now, willingly and exclusively, only accept the overflow of Chemical A that's in your body.

We can compare these newly tuned cells to our car that needs a steady flow of gas, or Chemical A, for which they were specifically tuned, to run, and work efficiently. If enough Chemical A is not present, and released into the system as it is needed, it is naturally going to cause a chemical imbalance and upset the system.

You will unconsciously become angry because your body has produced all that Chemical A, for so long, and now your body's "running out of gas" because Chemical A is no longer being produced to meet the demand, and run efficiently.

I think that's a great reason to consciously work hard to change our "stinkin' thinkin"!

So, how's that for an unknown benefit to keep you motivated and help you persevere toward your goals through the difficult times, and maybe get there even faster?

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