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WACKY WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY !!! Day 1 of my experiment SUCCESS !! On to day 2 !!!

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..


I was excited yesterday ... there was life on our back porch .. and low and behold .. a big Mr Robin showed up .. there was another smaller female .. but they HAVEN'T left yet .. :)

Yesterday's "testing" was a success .. I had just simple scrambled eggs for breakfast, because lunch was going to be buffet at Potawatomi downtown .. but I wanted something on my stomach or my whole test would be for naught .. :)

The boxes of donuts were staring at me while I was straightening up my kitchen before going upstairs to get changed .. staring at me and taunting me ... but I held firm .. If I was going to try this .. I had to have at LEAST one solid day under my belt .. Low carb is one thing, but there's too many restrictions .. (Yes .. I HAVE done it and with success, but I also found myself bashing myself when I made a mistake .. too stringent .. so that's not the route I want to take .. I'm heading for reducing my "processed sugars" .. candy, donuts, Poptarts .. etc etc .. Not cutting them out, because that will create cravings, which can and do turn into binges .. so .. I thought .. I could do 1 day to see if my thoughts were right.. :) so I stuck my tongue out at the donut boxes, and went upstairs to get ready .. :)

I'm thinking that my "habit" of sugar products first thing in the morning .. has turned into an temporary (magic word) addiction .. because everything was taunting me .. Gummi bears, Poptarts, donuts ... and then I was facing the dessert section where we were sitting, at the buffet ..

I was honestly proud of myself ... I started out with a huge salad, and a plate of peel and eat shrimp .. and that was yummy .. my second plate was "thank you portions" because nothing really spiked my fancy but had some fried rice, and gnocche with kale and rattatouie and ate that .. I went back for another "thankyou" portion of gnocche with kale and rattatouie .. My salad had filled me up pretty well, so I wasn't going for a big plate of the others .. I finished the second plate and decided against dessert .. I was comfortably full, and didn't want to push the issue just for dessert .. I usually get the angel food cake, with strawberries, and whipped cream .. even that would have defeated my purpose yesterday so no dessert ....

I got home, after stopping at Goodwill and getting myself some jeans for the winter months .. I fastly went through my pants in my closet, and well .. they ranged from 20 to 24 .. I think there was an 18 in there .. I'm currently at 22 comfortably ... sommmmmeeee I can fit into as a 20 .. I was just wasting time until 4:00 .. when Fox and Hounds opens, because I wanted to pick up the gift cards for Lois and Jimmy for their retirement cards .. :)

I sat in my sitting room for a bit after I got all my pants put away ... and just wasted some time .. I only had about 15 minutes (it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get to the restaurant ) .. so waited until 4 ..

I headed out, and picked those up, and came on home .. It was still early enough and I had energy up the wazzoo .. so I went out into the back 40 with my camera .. :) I didn't see much, but there was one little bird that came to pose for me ..

I continued walking through the path, taking pictures of the few flowers that were back there, and just enjoying the bit of fresh air .. and all of a sudden up springs a deer .. looked like a young buck as he bounced away .. I didn't get a picture, because he startled me .. I was pretty much about 5 feet away .. and he must have been laying in the deep grass .. and well .. I haven't mastered my sneaking techniques yet .. as I crunch on the leaves ... lol but felt good just after my little walk .. :)

Originally I was just going to have a snacky supper, but then saw there was a little spaghetti left, which I had .. which in turn I think was better, because I was going to start with chips and cheese dip .. I was more hungry than that, but thought once the dams were open .. it would be open game .. I HAD to make it at least through my first day for my test !!!!! lol

I finished my spaghetti, and I was full .. I was done .. :)

I crawled into bed, and slept good last night ..

I have 1 day of processed sugar reduction under my belt .. this is NOT total elimination, but to gain more control so I don't end up in a frenzy ...

I MADE IT !!!!!!! No shakes!!! No glucose tablets !!!

Today ---- Today I'm being a bachlorette .. Hubby is going to Wii Bowling, and then playing golf with his friends ... so I'm on my own for the day ... I'm planning on getting my nails cleaned up, and then have an engagement with my cellphone company, and there is a park that I have been itching to go to .. I think it's a "pay to get in" park but I don't care .. I'm taking my camera along, and a sweatshirt, and going to get some fresh air .. I only have a few days, before more icky weather shows up .. I'm thinking that tomorrow and Friday is supposed to be icky weather, and I can work on my cards then ... for now the fresh air and sunshine is beckoning me .. so I think a walk in Lannon quarry park is calling my name .. :) It's been YEARS since I've been there .. so that is going to be my final destiny, and it's not that far from my cellphone appointment on the way home .. :) and/or .. shopping stop .. it's a SALLY day !!! :)

Wishing everyone a great day !!!! I'm certainly going to .... :)
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    ha I succomed to a small frosty but lost the second pound I gained on Monday
    todya air fry chicken for me
    fry chicken for hubby
    then start shampooing carpet until done that way cleaning shampoorer just once
    I feel good only becuase we emoticon emoticon are home all day the first in weeks
    266 days ago
    You did awesome!
    High 5!
    266 days ago
    Hope you were able to snap lots of photos.
    266 days ago
    266 days ago
    Glad your experiment is working! Hurray. Reducing your processed sugars surely will help you in the short and long run! Keep @ it. Good job. Yeah for comfortably full.

    LOVE shopping @ Goodwill. Yahoo!

    Hope you had a good time @ Fox & Hounds.

    LOVE the bird pose. Sweet.

    OHhhhhhh, Sally the bachelorette . . . . that could be DANGEROUS! LOLOL

    Yeah, dang it. That *S* word is in the forecast on Saturday. HOPE that’s wrong, but know that it won’t stick around long right now.

    267 days ago
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