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Tuesday's Blog a Little Late...

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Had a rough health day yesterday. The day started out great, with getting the kids off to school, and fixing a healthy lunch for DH to take to work. I love taking care of my people. And then, since Monday was so hectic for me, I took time to relax and spent some time sewing, fixing an older style looking apron (in apricot with little flowers all over it) and then setting up my machine to try to fix a purse strap on a smaller purse I bought to take places where a small crossbody purse is most beneficial, like when I went to a concert with DH, I didn't have to worry about where my purse was or anyone stealing it. It was sturdy, but then the sewing unraveled on one side of the strap!!

Then I talked on the phone for an hour with one of my besties while working on the day's challenge for the Clutter Free Challenge: junk drawer. At first I was thinking of my kitchen and going, I don't have a junk drawer. And then I realized that my night stand, which is made of three large drawers, is all junk drawers. Oh boy. So, I sat and did that while I was talking to her. My Golden, Hope, kept trying to crawl around me to get to the stuff I was pulling out, to either take it away or to smell it, lol. Anything soft she wanted to go tear up, she loves tearing up paper and paper towels. So aggravating!! She is a goofball!

Next was on to filling out paperwork for my upcoming (December) neurology appointment. It's a huge form. Which led me to a necessary email to my brother. I don't know if anyone in our family has seizures or epilepsy. No idea. I worded it carefully. And he responded well. I was so relieved that he is going to look into it for me! I was wondering. He is... not the nicest of people. I don't talk to him often because he is so awful. But I saw this as necessary.

Then I had a seizure. I have what is probably (not officially) absence seizures. After having one, small things become difficult and I'm exhausted. Words elude me. I will say the name of everything in the room before getting to the word I am meaning, if I'm able to find the word at all. Sometimes I just use hand motions, and amazingly my kids know me well enough to figure it out. LOL. I laid down till time for the kids to come home (I have an alarm set to give me a 20 minute warning so I can have snacks or whatever fixed and ready). I was mildly out of it for the rest of the day. Didn't get much done. Still had 'Art Day' with the kids, we all sit at the table and color/draw/paint/do something to do with arts and crafts together.

Looks like YDD may have strep. She wants to go to school, but not with the way she has been feeling. I got a call from the nurse yesterday, and she had thrown up, but some ginger ale had her feeling better so she went back to class and made it through the day. Then before bed she told me that her throat hurt really bad. Sure enough it looks like the beginning of strep. Both DH and I are highly susceptible to it. Yay. So she will go to the doctor today after DH gets off work, he has to be at work today for an important couple of meetings.

Tiring day, yesterday! Started out great, ended pretty good with time spent with my kiddos and dinner with the whole family. DH made pasta salad. Oh, yum, that sounds good about now. I think I'm just hungry though. Protein shake here I come, I feel like a Reese's peanut butter cup today, so chocolate protein powder, peanut butter and frozen bananas. You would be so amazed at how close it tastes to the real thing, and how filling it is!!

Today's Clutter Free Challenge is the Dining Room!! OH BOY!! I have a head start on this one because I had the kids take out all of the stuff they have been piling on the floor and in the nearby chairs yesterday. I already have an idea of how to use this space, so it is good. I'm debating on one or two things. The kids do their homework here unless it is on the computer, and even then, sometimes a laptop is dragged over. Art of all kinds is done here, as well as game night and family meals. It is very much a multi purpose room, and is still very cluttered. The floors need a good going over. I am looking forward to the challenge.

I'm also going to make my first attempt at sewing a little guy tie! I've got some spare fabric I'm going to make it out of that I can actually send as a tie if it turns out good. Once I figure it out, I'll get to work on the rest of the ties (I have fabric for 3). This will be my first time making something with fusible webbing, I hope I work it out okay!! I've got step by step directions on a PDF I bought. Mainly because all the free ones have elastic for the neck and this one has velcro. Not about to make something with elastic to go around an almost 2 year old's neck!!

Anyway, that is why I didn't work out yesterday. I was planning on doing it around 1100, but that was about when I had the seizure. Total overwhelm of exhaustion hit me. It must have been a bad one.

Hopefully today will be better!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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    I'm so sorry about the seizure and setback. That said, it does sound as if you still got quite a bit accomplished-good going! Please take care, with strep in the house. I hope your daughter recovers well and soon. emoticon
    38 days ago
    Glad to hear you are scheduled to see a neurologist. Seizures are exhausting and...not good for the brain cells either!
    You are influencing your children's lives in so many ways. Go For IT!
    38 days ago
    You got so much accomplished! Good for you!! Hope today is productive as well. emoticon
    39 days ago
  • no profile photo ROSSYFLOSSY
    39 days ago
  • LINDA058
    39 days ago
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