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Up and Down

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Not so much me but the scales.

I have a good week where I have been careful with what I eat and I see the weight slowing going down which is good. Then life seems to get away with me and the weight comes right back on again.

But this week I have had grandchildren to stay and not only do they keep me busy and on the go non-stop, but I also find there is not a lot of time to eat things I might idly do when I'm sitting around.

I have raised five children who are now all adults and noticed that it wasn't until they were just on all gone that the weight started building up.

You would think that with little ones and the funny idea I had that I couldn't waste food (so ate all their leftovers!) I would have put on weight then, but no, it seems to be that when I wasn't keeping to routines so much or being so disciplined with what was on their (and so my) plate, the calorie intake increased.

And with teenagers you are not running around outside playing with them, more sitting and having conversations over a hot drink and brownie! Yes I spent quality time with them all but in a way that catered to their needs, but the concept of what the food was doing to my weight was just not something I thought about.

But now I am into my sixties and my BMI says I am obese. Not something that has ever been in a description of me before. And "Yes!" I don't like that.

But its been a battle, I am constantly looking for something to munch on.

Today it dawned on me that I can't keep doing this because life just isn't the same as it was ten years ago. Not only are there habits that have to change because my life story has changed, but there are food choices I have to honestly think about if I think I still need treats and snacks to pick up as I pass through the kitchen.

Although this was a bit of "nudge in the ribs", it was also a gift to help me make better plans for this journey to a healthy me.
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