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Tasks, tasks, all these tasks

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

I have my start page set up to show my list of tasks that need to be completed. There are six (at the top of the list) that are standard, and automatically included (if selected).

• Plan your day
• Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning
• Track Your Food: Eat Within Your Goal
• Drink 8 glasses of water
• Exercise 10+ minutes
• Spin the SparkPoints wheel

Then there are the ones that I added myself. The next five are ones that I have been completing daily (one on Wednesdays), and they get checked off every day (or when applicable -- I don't do laundry every day!).

• Walk the dog
• Write down 3 good things that happened to you today
• Set up Strength and Cardio Challenge trackers for Rockin’ Red Foxes (Wednesdays)
• De-clutter one space
• Put laundry away

The ones listed below have been on the list for a while now (more than two months). There were more, (like paint the living room, paint the stairwell, paint the hall, change the switches and electrical outlets in the living room and halls), that I have completed.

• De-clutter - basement - gym area
• De-clutter - basement - craft area
• De-clutter - under the basement stairs
• De-clutter - bathroom
• De-clutter - spare bedroom closet
• De-clutter - basement - tools area
• Paint - dining room
• De-clutter - pantry
• Paint - spare bedroom
• Fix pocket door
• Paint - entrance
• Change sockets and switches

I add to the bottom of the list as things come up, like patching and painting the newly renovated powder room wall (because the towel rack fell off the wall and I discovered a 2 x 2 inch square missing from the drywall where it was hanging).

• Get a membership for the pool (Oct 15)
• Patch hole in powder room wall
• Paint powder room
• Bake for bake sale for October 10
• Make cake for fundraiser for November

For some reason, I have NO motivation to get anything done. The tools and equipment are all piled in bags in my dining room, ready to be used, but I just shuffle them around when I need space to do other things (like eat at the dining room table).

I guess I need to work on doing ONE thing, no matter how small it is, every day.

Tonight, after I bake for the bake sale, I'll patch the hole in the powder room wall.
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