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TERRIFIC TUESDAY !!!!! The lightbulb came on yesterday .. Doing some major rewiring in my head!

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..

TERRIFICNACIOUS TUESDAY !!!!!! A wonderful day yesterday was had by me ... :) All except mom being upset .. and talking her down off the edge .. but it was a great day !!!!! and thanks to my Mooducks, I have sorted out my chaotic brain; and realized something .. (lookout .. thinking vocals here ..... )

****wavey lines to go back in time .....

Hubby and I were talking yesterday .. as I was eating my glazed donut ... and enjoying every bite mind you .. Hubby made mention that he had gone up today .. and I told him what's been nagging at me .. that my scale was itching at the 240 mark .. and while I don't feel "fat", I'm thankful for the exercises that I do each day (PT exercises) because they are starting to keep my belly more tone, as well as help my back .. and we were talking about when I come home, I want to try "low carb" again .. that was a quick fix, and I could back up the scales again .. and all hubby did was roll his eyes at me .. (probably unconsciously; thinking I didn't see it .. lol) but I was thinking that direction .. I told him I would see what happened after vacation .. last thing I want to do would be would try and start an eating plan on vacation .. As well as getting more exercise .. I told him I wanted to see what happens after vacation, but deep inside I knew I had to change SOMETHING ????!!!!

The sun was out so nice and bright; and I told happy hubby that I was going to go to the park, and play with my camera .. Between the weather and running around for mom, my camera has been put in the background, and I only took 389 pictures for the month of September .. :( so no sorting this month .. I want to change that this month, and bring my camera back out .. plus I haven't been able to try my new lens hood since I got it, with all the yucky rain, there was no need to use it .. lol lol lol ..So _ went to visit my "buddies" at the park while hubby was Wii Bowling .. I told him that I would be home before he got there ..

I got myself dressed and cleaned up and headed off to my park.... and had a long talk with my mooducks .. They were back in the grasses, and all of a sudden I heard "quaaaack quaaaack" .. and they started coming out .. so I "quaaack quaaacked" back at them .. and we had a deep heart to heart talk .. They hovered around (people must feed them from the dock)... and we talked .. er ... quacked ... lol ..

As someone was walking up to the dock with their dogs, I had to hold back my conversation with the mooducks .. but I got to pet a little dog .. lol lol .. The owner wanted to bring him down to the river, to jump in and clean off his "mud puddle" episode .. but part of the dock is blocked off so people don't walk on it .. and he tried to go over the backside, but it was soft, slippery, and the little dog would have done it, but they man took one look at the slime on the water, and thought against it ..... lol .. I laughed and told him .. I'm seeing a bath when they get home .. lol lol lol .. and he giggled and agreed ..

When I saw that they were out of range, I turned my conversation back to the mooducks .. They had pretty much scattered at the sight of a dog coming up the path .. but after a few "quacks" I got them back to continue our conversation ... lol lol ..

They helped me sort some things out .. and I thanked them as I left .. There wasn't much in the line of critters yesterday so took a few "just" pictures .. Just a little flower, Just some grassland with trees faded behind, Just Just and more Just .. :) and I decided to walk down the bugtrail a bit, to my normal parking lot (I didn't park there, because it meant walking through grass to get to the path, and I didn't want my shoes to get wet (or muddy) so parked in a different lot .. By this time the dew on the grass was dry .. and I walked up to the road ..

Taking the road I walked to the Prairie walk .. and figured I would walk to the first bench .. I was starting to get warm .. I had layers on, and was happy that I could fit into the zip up fleece sweatshirt and had my spring jacket over that .. So I walked to the bench .. and sat for a few minutes .. and saw that the first path out back to the road; and thought .. Oh heck .. I could go that far ... I walked the road back to the car ... I felt really good about my fresh air !!!!

I got back to the car, and came home .. I felt good and refreshed !!! but SWEATY !!!!!

Unicorns were out and strong .. and I was feeling good ..the fresh air disintigrated the cobwebs in my head, and I felt good !!!

I got home, and took off my jacket and sweatshirt, and sweated .. and sweated and sweated some more .. lol .. Mom called all upset .. she got a call from the PT person, to show up at noon .. and she turned her down, because she had her cleaning lady coming in at that time, and and and .. I told her that she could have had the PT lady there, Jenny would just do her work .. but she thought it was "dumb to call the day of, because she couldn't make any plans" .. I told her that the PT person probably didn't get her schedule until that morning .. she has nothing to do with the scheduling, and who knows how many other people came to into the circle over the weekend .. thats probably the only way they can do it .. I wasn't sure, because the only lady that I knew that did this kind of work was a visiting nurse, and well .. she told us stories, but we never went into detail of her job .. so I didn't know what the procedure was .. After I got mom calmed down, I told her that it may just have to be this way .. When the PT person comes, ask them what the procedure is, or else call the visiting nurse later .. and ask her directly .. " She thought that was a good idea .. and was settled down a bit .. "still thinking it was dumb" .. lol lol

But as I hung up from her, hubby came home, for lunch .. he was going to make chicken nuggets for lunch .. and that sounded good .. and then the lightbulb went on ..

It started ... the shakes started .. and the lightbulb went on ...... and the shakes started more ..

Since mom's problems, my taking care of myself has gone down the drains .. Breakfast has consisted of Poptarts, and Donuts .. Hmmmmmmm .... Hmmmmmmm ..... *insert thinking here*

By mid morning, I have been getting the shakes, and become ravenous .. The day that I brought mom home, Ceile came over, and asked me if I was a bit jumpy when my bag fell off the table, and well .. I had to be pulled off the table .. I told her that mom was in the bathroom, and it just startled me, because I was on top alert, and thought she had fallen .. We both laughed, but inside I wasn't ..

I went over to the cupboard and stole one of the glucose tablets that I had given mom for her "whoosie days" .. and Ceile was looking at me like I grew a third head .. but my shaking stopped after that ..

Since then my breakfasts consisted of Poptarts, and Donuts .. and by mid morning the shaking started .. and it was either eat, or glucose tablets, and since I haven't had this problem for a long time, I kept forgetting the glucose tablets when I was with hubby, so it ended up to be "M&M's", or whatever candy he had floating around in the car .. "more sugar" (unless it was close to a meal; and then it was usually fast food, or overeating) .. a few hours later .. more shakes .. vicious circle .. vicious vicious circle ..

Yes .. I know I suffer from hypoglycemia ... and need to regulate my sugar intake .. but have not had to use the glucose tablets in like, FOREVER!!!

I thanked my mooducks for my insight .. without their mindless quacking chat; I would probably be on a vicious circle even longer ..

Hubby made up a batch of chicken nuggets, as I talked with him about my discovery .. or just plain "eye opener" .. and starting to get the shakes as we talked .. (donut for breakfast .. remember ??) I told him that instead of having the sugar stuff first thing in the morning, for breakfast .. I need to sort things out, and turn them into "dessert" for AFTER a solid meal of good foods ..

I had my gummi bears in the afternoon (8 to a serving) and in normal circumstances having the sugar for desserts, or small snacks, I have more control over it .. So I told hubby that I need to go back to having eggs or egg sandwich or he had bought waffles, and I could have the waffles, but NOT have my jelly on them .. just butter .. It's just going to be a change of mindset again .. Things will be alot better ...

Today was scrambled eggs for breakfast the donuts were staring me down .. and opening the pantry for my coffee to make up a pot, my Poptarts were staring me down .. Sooo many challenges but this one I will over come .. I know having the eggs this morning, is not going to mess with my blood sugar, and well .. I guess I got too comfortable with just the "grab and go" ... So today is my first test ... I'm meeting happy hubby for lunch downtown, and looking forward to salad .. (hoping they have the salad area cleaner than last time)

So -- after my lunch yesterday I headed upstairs .. and played with the retirement cards .. :)

Fingers ooey and gooey .. no snacking .. mwaaahaaahaaahaaa !!!!! I WILL OVERCOME!!!!!! I WILL WIN !!!!!!

I just have to do the insides .. and I'm pretty proud of it .. Jimmy's used my "marblizing" .. that I did the day before .. :)

I started my thank you cards for the ladies for the Meijer gift card, and had a ball .. I'm starting to adventure out from "patterns" .. and using my own imagination .. I did follow my sample from the night before in my doodle book .. :)

I'm happy to say that I got them pretty much the same .. :) so they are in the works .. :)

Once the sun started coming into the window, it gets in my eyes, and it gets warm .. so that's when I stopped and came downstairs .. :)

We had dinner, and I made up the last of my hard boiled eggs into egg salad, and mixed in a tomato ... YUMMMMM!!!!! and for dessert .. yes .. I had some gummi bears (hey .. can't go cold turkey .. lol) but felt good .. I doodled while I sat there, and I am starting to integrate some extras into my doodling .. I belong to some calligraphy pages on FB, and they offer "monthly challenges" .. so I played ..

About 8:30 .. after starting my dishwasher, and cleaning up the kitchen from the day; I decided to head upstairs .. I was tired, and well .. had started setting out my packing stuff .. :) I had a happy fulfilled day !!!!

Today .. I'm heading downtown, and meeting up with hubby for lunch .. :) and then I want to make some stops on the way back .. and possibly head over to Fox and Hounds once they open to get some gift cards for Lois and Jimmy .. Hubby gave me a dollar amount I can go to .. so I will get out of the house and can continue my figuring out my thankyou cards in my head .. I'm getting there .. :) and having fun in the process .. lol lol lol ..

Wishing everyone a wonderful day .. It's another cold and sunny and blue sky day !!!! Really helps with the attitude .. I'm not used to having to be aware of everything that is going into my mouth, but I WILL ... Life is coming back to normal, whatever normal is.. and as long as I pay attention to what I do .. I know I can do this .. :) Thank you my little Mooducks !!!!! :)
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    I am on Keto 10 weeks last week used a few days to eat fruit and vegies and 2 cookies. Today back on and IF also That means I start eating at noon to 8pm and its tuff
    Ive lost 10 pounds yes I want more but at 74 its not possible.Those10 pounds are life changing.
    Hope you have a great day
    272 days ago

    What’s to lose (except maybe weight release) trying low carb. Nothing is written in stone, and if it doesn’t work, you move on. Good luck (and good to start AFTER vaca!)

    Awwwww, glad you got some muddy pup time! Yup. . . sounds like a bath in that pups future.

    LOL! The moonducks heeded your “quack”! You’re a duck whisperer!

    And you saw your unicorns! AWESOME!!

    Yes, as a home health nurse ‘back in the day’ schedules definitely changed a lot on Monday and Tuesday due to weekend discharges. So, glad you got your Mom sorted.

    Good plan to have real food first, then maybe some dessert. Good for you having the eggs for breakfast. The egg protein will keep you going and not make the blood sugar bounce all over the place. Good job!

    Love the cards! Gorgeous!

    Hurray for PMA!

    273 days ago
    Beautiful calligraphy! Good luck with the new eating plan.
    273 days ago
    273 days ago
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