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First Monday of October / Day 16 of being on plan (October 7 2019)

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Isn't life great - some days seem really good and some days just see horrible - when it is a good day we smile a lot, we think positive and just feel so good but on bad days, we don't smile, we tend to have a lot of negative thoughts and just cant seem to get things right. But I really believe we can have a lot more good days if we set our mind on the right things. Such as (1) what can I do today to make my husband happy (2) what about my daughter what can I do for her to put a smile on her face (3) and for me personally what can I do today that makes my Lords face shine upon me. Something to think ago for sure

Yesterday we went with others from our church to another church to watch part 2 of a series called American Gospel Christ Alone. We have also watched Justin Peters speak on YouTube about the World of Faith movement. We had watched Justin Peters one about a year ago and our eyes were opened. So this new documentary added more to what we already knew. My heart goes out to all those that are being deceived with untruth - may my Lord and Savior be patient with those that have twisted Scripture and therefore leading people down the wrong road. Am very fortunate that we belong to a Church that is a Bible teaching church that does not preach this new age / health, wealth prosperity that is out there but helps us all to take the Bible and learn how to get Scripture to explain Scripture. Through the course we have been taking we are learning how to systematically search through Scripture re any topic. Theology being the study of God - therefore studying it systematically makes sense. Presently we are doing this on the topic of 'who are the chosen people of God / being predestined = an interesting study for sure

Thinking about being healthy. Was at the doctor today to get some meds - he calls us in at least once every 6 months just to check up on how we are doing. I asked the doc to check out my last blood work as I wanted to know what my A1C level was and the number for my kidney function. A1C level was at 6.0 which is good being a diabetic. By the way the blood test was taken in July 2019. He looked at my kidney number (the magic number is 60) and smiled and said 'it is now at 51!!!' Two years ago it went down to 40 and one year ago it was at 45 and now up to 51 = praise the Lord it is getting better = getting in enough water and losing some weight is helping it. That is so encouraging - am looking forward to when I have the next blood work done to increasing it again. So though I am not seeing on the outside a lot of changes, the changes I am making are working on the inside. Am doing a happy dance for sure.

Am working hard on increasing the steps I take each day - for some reason my mind is blocking me from getting on the treadmill - I know I need to make it a habit as the weather is turning and I need to have somewhere to get in all the walking in any given day. Today was good - got in 1,000 steps so tomorrow am going to work at getting in 1,250 - 1,500 steps.

3 things I am grateful for today are

(1) the ability to read and understand Scripture

(2) grateful for a good report from the doctor

(3) grateful that my 2nd great granddaughter was born today - mom and baby are doing well.

My streaks to date are as follows
16 days logging on to Sparkpeople
16 days tracking all food and water
16 days of following my meal plan making a meal plan once a week
15 days of blogging my journey
16 days of reading the Bible with my husband

27 1/2 miles walked on my Virtual Walk Across Canada

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