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Mother Goose is on the Loose!

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Monday, October 07, 2019

Turned 65 and still alive! The Medicare card has now arrived. The healthcare coverage is a must, but lord-a-mighty, the checkbook will gather no dust! The fees are enough to make one wheeze!!!

9 yrs. of maintenance – not easy to do, but along the way have learned what not to chew! Slip ups, well, there have been a few, but getting back on the path is what to do!

Being surrounded by family is so heart warming! Life in my house is NEVER boring! DS and family moved in for awhile. They’d come from Alaska, you see, so they needed to find a place for three. Now they live on their own, so proud, but w/o the grandson it’s not so loud!

DS is a chef of the best kind, and loves to keep people wined and dined. He loves what he does, and despite a glitch, he’s found his niche!

DD moved to an apartment and had much to learn. Even began for home to yearn! But she’s learned a lot along the way, and is doing just fine right where she’ll stay.

Have to give dear DD a shout out. She was promoted with a raise, and for that she deserves praise.

DH had been 3 yrs. on the job and then a curveball was lobbed. The whole division he headed was gone, but from that a new career was spawned. The result? He’d consult. And happy he is, he’s doing well with his new biz. And what did that CEO have in store? The Bd. Of Directors showed him the door!

The lens Jas had placed for his cataracts became foggy, so laser surgery it was. Zip zap the film went with the laser and now . . . his vision is sharp as a taser!

My hearing, well, never has been so swell, but had started to go to HE**. So to Mayo we go to see what’s what, and hopefully I’ll hear as clear as a bell.

That’s life in this house over the year. Make sure you say “I Love you” to those you hold dear!

If you are finding yourself in a bit of a rough patch, get back on the path w/o dispatch!
Most of all, be gentle and kind. That soothes and nurtures body, soul and mind.
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