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MAGNIFICIENT MONDAY !!! Yesterday snuck through with a happy day, and plan on today as well !

Monday, October 07, 2019

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!!
You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have ice for a selection of fresh iced drinks..

MARVELOUS MONDAY !!!! It was a good day yesterday .. Before mom's I made a stop at a store called "Five and Below". One of the people on my FB beginners calligraphy pages, someone posted a book that she had gotten. So before going to mom's I swung over there, and well .. that and a few other fun things, I walked out with a book just like it !!!!

I didn't get a chance to look through it last night when I got home .. :)

After I left there I called mom to ask if she needed me to bring anything .. and she was having one of her "days" .. and I thought "OHHHH NOOOO" ... and I asked if she just woke up; and she said no .. I'm thinking "OH NO" .. She said she was just going to take a bath, so I told her I was in Menomonee Falls, and would take a while to get there .. so take her time .. I can just let myself in if I get there early .. and we hung up ..

I took the scenic ride to mom's house .. not rushing so she could get in a relaxing bath .. and just as I was getting closer to her house .. she called, and I answered .. She asked if I could pick her up a couple of Culvers hamburgers .. and I told her "no problem" ... she sounded more like MOM again .. *whew* ...

I picked up her burgers, and went over .. she was sitting spry in her chair .. and that made me feel so much better .. :)

She figured out how she could use HER coffee cup with her walker .. Her Grumpy coffee cup and it's too big around to fit into the "cup holes" and she doesn't like the travel cup .. "it tastes funny" .. and I was so proud of her .. and her ingenuity .. She uses her tray that Bill had bought, and used a washed out tray from one of her frozen dinners, and some paper towels .. She put the paper towels in the big part of the tray, and put her coffee cup on the paper towels .. and walks to her chair .. The paper towels hold the schwaple of the coffee, and holds it so it doesn't slide .. I told her I was sooo proud of her ingenuity ... and she was so proud to show me how she did ...

She over did it the last few days .. she got 5 loads of laundry done, and cleaned up around the house, and part of that didn't use "Betsy" .. and she thinks she over did it ..

We just talked all afternoon, and she was excited .. to ask me how busy my week was coming up .. I told her I was getting ready for vacation .. but with the exception of my nails, really not that terribly busy to my knowledge .. she told me that Becca (my nephews new girlfriend (of 2 years)) was going to come over .. Mom has a total liking for her .. so we'll see ..

I left about 5ish, and headed for home .. had supper and never saw happy hubby all night except for occasional passing for coming down for supper stuff .. The only TV that brought in the channel with his football was in our bedroom, so that's where he spent his day .. lol lol .. and I just played in my sitting room .. I was trying to come up with a THANK YOU that I had started in my head for Gail and Eunice .. and I think I somewhat have it ..

I want to put it into a circular disk .. you can see the pencilled circle .. This is just a very rough draft, but it gave me the idea that I was looking for .. :)

I finally crawled up into bed around 10:30ish .... and fell asleep fast .. and slept like the dead all night long ..

My eyes are burning bad this morning, but I'm sure it's just the dry air, and the sty that's blooming in my right eye .. but nothing terrible ... just burning, that finally I put my eyedrops in, and they feel better already .. DUHHHHH lol lol lol

Today .. Today I told hubby that I may get dressed and take my camera out for a walk at my park .. I haven't gotten many photos this last month at all ... between weather, committments, and well . mom .. I didn't get out much this last month .. So I have to make up for it this month .. besides I want to play with my new lens hood .. :)

Besides that will give me some fresh air, and sunshine .. and I can work on my retirement cards this afternoon, while catching up with my laundry, and starting to work on my packing .. Gotta go through my closet and check to see if the pants hanging in there will fit .. ?? RohRoh .. be ascared .. I AM !!!! lol lol lol it's pants weather now .. and well .. even my shorts are not going to cut it sooner or later around the house .. lol ..

I'm excited .. I found some inks yesterday that "I bought for projects when I have time" .. and had fun with them (Love finding all these things that I had bought; "for when I had time" .. Now I HAVE the and I put on latex gloves, and my oversized mans bowling shirt that I had bought but never used for the stamping show classes.. I went to town having fun "splootching" onto photo paper, and then after you stamp and splootch onto the paper, you spray with rubbing alcohol and it marblizes .. So I hung that up yesterday to let it dry .. By this afternoon it should be well dried .. so I can start putting together Jimmy's card .. and hoping it will turn out like I'm envisioning it ..

So that's my plans .. It was really funny last night as I was "doodling" .. my brain was thinking .. "I better get to bed, because work is tomorrow" .. After 2 1/2 years .. that thought and feeling STILL pops up in my head .. how wierd is that .. lol lol lol ..

Wishing everyone a WONDERFUL MAGNIFICIENT MONDAY !!!!! I'm going to have one !!!! :)
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    Nice visit with your mom. Have fun getting ready for the vacation. emoticon emoticon
    274 days ago
    wonderful for your mom
    Got a text last friday a MAYDAY from daughter about 3 hours east of us .No details just bring truck and need help
    She met us at her house which 2 of her boys live shes still paying on it and it falling apart.Bed bugs came out of her mouth dillon her son got them at the group home he works at and shes been dealing with them 3 weeks
    So thanks to hubbys tools he brought we took all beds apart some chairs mattresses and what ever else out to truck for the dump
    She statting bolbing the house while we went to dump
    didnt stay long came home stripped in garage went to laundry then shower then vaccum truck out
    so thats my day I like yours better
    274 days ago
    274 days ago
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