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Another lesson from a cough drop wrapper: Fire up those engines!

Sunday, October 06, 2019

It's been nine days. I've been blessed with a welcoming immune system: Hello, germs, make yourself at home here. That's why I try to avoid germy people. I think the little ones (1 and 3 year old) brought this to me. See last blog entry.

For the last few nights I've told my family I've had enough of this and that I will be better in the morning. Ah, the power of positive thinking.
After four hours of good sleep last night, I woke up feeling more energetic than I have for awhile. Full of determination to take control again and make things happen...until nap time this afternoon, lol.

Don't waste a precious minute. The show must go on (or work). Fire up those engines. You've survived tougher. Seize the day.

This year I set goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year. The time is getting shorter. Reaching the long goal gets harder when squeezed into a shorter time frame.
Well, what's the rush? Only my self imposed time frame. Will the world end if I don't reach it? Probably not. Will I be disappointed? Yes. Is it reasonable? Yes, I am not asking for the moon. Will I reach the longer goals if I don't reach some of these smaller mile markers? No. That's why I am here.

I haven't done badly. More like maintaining. Revving the engine, squealing tires, going in circles, leaving tire marks on the pavement. No traffic tickets. Just a lot of noise with dismal progress.

So fire up those engines and resume the race. We have goals to meet.
Do your best. It will be enough.
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