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Wonderful Woman Wednesday Wisdom

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Do you love Fall? More than any other time of year, Fall is embraced by nearly everyone, and they not only feel, but embrace the natural connection to this change of season. The changing of the seasons are naturally key points in the cycle of life, not only in nature, but in us as well.

Many native cultures, including the Native American Indians, are naturally tuned into the earth’s wisdom and the spiritual cycles of nature. Our lives parallel this cycle through birth, growth, death, and rebirth just as in nature.

The autumn equinox marks the natural beginning of harvesting and gathering. The days begin to shorten, and the nights become darker and chillier. The autumn equinox honors “the harvest” - the gathering of the fruits of their labors during the previous seasons. The farmers gather and store their harvest of the crops that will sustain them, their families, and their livestock. The wild animals begin their gathering of nuts, berries, acorns along with other things that will sustain them, as well, through the long winter months ahead.
We can prepare to enjoy the “fruits of our labors” by planting spring bulbs that will unexpectedly, and surprisingly, lift our spirits at the most unexpected times when we have become so weary of the darkness of winter.

This is a natural time to turn our focus inward as well, and prepare our homes to be more comfortable and cozy for the coming colder months, and it follows that it is naturally a good time to quiet ourselves, and venture inward as we prepare ourselves for the abundance that will follow in the next few months of our lives.

This time of year features a cluster of the most popular holidays of the entire year. We invite the abundance of the season’s harvest with the gathering of family for Thanksgiving, followed by the “light” of Christmas along with the giving and receiving during the Christmas holidays. The intentions and inward focus we do now will not only prepare us, but sustain us, through those busy, and sometimes stress filled times, and well into the longer winter months that follow.

This is a time to tune into your body’s natural tendencies to slow down, nurture, and be “present” to the natural changes in nature, as well as around us - and even more importantly - in us. It is the time to nurture our soul and spirit. It is a time of “letting go” of things we no longer need - just as the trees let go, and shed their summer wardrobe of leaves.

Who knows . . . maybe this "falling into yourself" will help you to embrace the inevitable changes coming your way with the seasons, and become more appreciative of those colder and shorter days of winter.

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