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New month, new goals (October 1 2019)

Wednesday, October 02, 2019

Ok funny thing about doing this blog tonight - I have started it 3 times, pressed a wrong key and lost it all - what is this trying to tell me? Just to funny

I started this journey with my new account on September 22 2019 - and all has gone well - have discovered that I have been putting to much focus on food - thinking to much about it every day. So am working on making changes in that area.

As it is a new month, I am setting some small goals to work on for this month. And here is what I will be working on

(1) I am completing Day 10 of The Sparkpeople 28 day program - so I will be finished this around October 18 and am looking forward to looking at my progress at that time. When I complete this part of my journey I will change up my program and do the Plateau Program and from there I will move onto the Consistency and Motivation Program. I am really looking forward to doing each of these and to be able then to look back and reflect on all the positive changes I will have made.

(2) Water. I realize how important water is. I have been getting in 60 oz each day but my goal is to be drinking 90 oz each day. I can see myself accomplishing this by the end of October. I am already feeling the benefits of getting in the water - just that my kidneys are loving it makes me smile as I have Chronic Kidney Disease and I know my kidneys are getting tired with all this extra weight - so am sure that the water is helping flush some things out.

(3) Food. In the past I have also spent a lot of time thinking about food - what I like to eat, what I don't like to eat, how much I was eating and how much I should be eating. So am changing that all up. I have started meal planning on Saturdays. My breakfast and lunch is pretty much the same - have 2 choices for each - I like to keep it simple especially at this stage of my journey. My husband and I are also fairly plain eater and enjoy eating a lot of chicken with the occasional hamburger. But I am finding we cook it mostly the same way - so would like to change that up a little - trying some new recipes for both chicken and beef. So I have started a collection of chicken recipes and am giving them to my hubby to look over and he will pick out one recipes each Saturday that we will make during the coming week. The goal is to make this a habit so that over time we have a good collection of different ways that we cook the chicken - ones that we really like rather than the few ways we are currently cooking it. Also am working on vegetables as we are not vegetables eaters so am looking over different vegetables and different ways that look appealing to us. We will do the same with them as with the protein part of the meal. All meal planning as I have mentioned will be done on Saturday morning and any groceries we need for the next 7 days will then be bought that afternoon or at the last Sunday afternoon. When the food comes into the house all fresh vegetables will be prepped and measured for 7 days into zip lock bags making sure there is the proper portion for 3 people. That way when we go to cook supper all of that measuring is done. All meals will be tracked as well as all water.

(4) Movement: I realize I have not been moving enough - and some of that is because of some mobility issues. But I have started to walk outside 3x a week and have increase it so that now I am working on getting in 3 - 5 days of walking outside. But the weather is changing and I am not a person to be out in the rain or the chilly air. Therefore one goal here is to get into the habit of walking on the treadmill and getting in as many steps in on it. My goal is to walk 15 miles this month so with counting steps to get to that it would mean I will have to have walked 30,000 steps. This is a big challenge for me but I am going to give it my all to do so.

(5) Blog my journey: My goal is to blog my journey for October sharing if I met my daily goal with respect to (a) getting in my water (b) tracking all food each day from the meal plan for each week in October (c) share how many steps I got in for the day and how that relates to getting in 15 miles walked and the result of that for my Virtual Walk Across Canada that I am doing on one of my groups.

On the Premium Coaching for today I was asked to visualize sitting at top of a mountain overlooking a vast body of water and think about how calming this makes you. Unfortunately this does not really make me calm - a large body of water ( like a really large body of water ) does not relax me but brings on the fear of drowning. But there is a road between where we live and where my sister lives (1 1/2 hours away) that puts me in 'awe' every time we drive it and just thinking about it gives me a calming feeling - a feeling of amazement on what a beautiful world we live in - the mountains that are breathtaking while we climb about 5 miles in height and below is a very small lake all surrounded by these breathtaking mountains - reminds me that our Creator made these - it was not made by man or a 'big bang theory' but a Creator that has made everything - and it is beautiful, awesome. I feel relaxed and calm and so very grateful that we were given such a beautiful planet from someone who loves us so much. We have many pictures of such scenery and I am in awe of it all.

On sayin that I would now to share 3 things I am grateful for

(1) all the beauty I see around me - the mountains, the rivers, the lakes, the trees, the birds, the clouds, the stars, all that we see has been provided by Him.

(2) grateful that I have a Saviour that loves me like He does - though I am a sinner, He has forgiven me for all my wrongdoing when I stepped out in faith and turned my life over to Him

(3) grateful that He has given me another beautiful day to be with my hubby, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and friends - I feel soo blessed.

My Streaks
10 days of logging onto Sparkpeople
10 days of logging all food and water
26 miles walked on my Virtual Walk Across Canada

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So glad to see you continuing your journey. Clear goals, so should be easy to follow and meet.
    109 days ago
    That way of dealing with food has been successful for me. I plan next week's meals on Saturday morning and go to the grocery store Saturday afternoon/evening. It only takes about 15 minutes to plan, and then I just read the day's intake throughout the week and follow it.

    I too have been experimenting with recipes. So far I have one new one I really like. My goal is to have six new recipes in regular rotation by next August (coinciding with our One Year team).

    110 days ago
  • BARKER_77D
    Keep pushing ahead. You can do it.
    110 days ago
  • YMWONG22
    110 days ago
    Looks like you're doing the right thing examining your habits and goals. I love your gratitude!
    110 days ago
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