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Day 43/Happy October!!!

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Going from a BMI of 51.1 to 36.5 should be encouraging as all get out!! But I just keep seeing that I'm still in the obese range, and getting frustrated. Seeing as my BMI was 31, almost out of the Obese range, very frustrating. None of my clothes fit very well, because I was determined, I donated all my 'fat' clothes. I know I should be, and am, proud of how far I've come, but gaining back those 20+ pounds really put a damper on my enthusiasm. I don't think it should. I think that I should still be happy for the changes I've made, and restart, taking into consideration the stress and mourning period I went through over the summer. I was determined to not gain weight over vacation, but there were sweets and goodies everywhere and everyone saying, just taste these 4 varieties of fudge!! (just an example, there was more fudge than that bought and shared). Plus not much exercise for me. I was afraid of the bears that were everywhere (one was in our garbage at one point, it had figured out how to open the 'lock' and get into it, that bear loved bread!) And I was having seizures, so I was exhausted most of the time, I only got good exercise on one day and I had to push myself hard that day.

So, here on October 1st, is a list of new and recent things I'll be continuing (pictures to follow):

1. Start 31 Day Clutter Free Challenge with SP friend emoticon Can't wait to see how this impacts my life and how my house looks at the end of October! Today is ground rules, where I will get everything I need together and unfortunately since I can't drive, some of it will have to wait. I agree with all of it except that everything must be labeled. One, I don't have a label maker. And two, if I started putting sticky tape all over the house that would peel off the pain or tarnish the wood, DH would not be happy!

2. Get enough sleep. I'm barely skating by on sleep, and I know this has to be affecting how I'm not losing much weight, my energy levels, my migraines, and any number of things health-wise.Last night I got almost 7 hours of sleep! 3+ hours at a time. I don't feel well rested at all and could totally go back to bed. I need to somehow work out my sleep to where I'm sleeping through the night and getting 7-8 hours at a time. Note: I fell back asleep after DH left for work and could barely get out of bed at 9! I have been exhausted the whole day! Might have to go back into my exercise and take some things out for today so I can have a milder day!!

3. Take all my vitamins. This can be difficult. I have to take them throughout the day, and some are melts so must stay in the bottle till I'm ready to take them, most are chewable, but again, once out in the air they don't do so well. I have to remember to take them with me when I go places, and I don't always, some need to be taken hours apart from others... It is like a juggling act!! Taking my meds is easy, I just put them in my 'med minders' and take morning and evening and night and keep afternoon in a pill fob that I keep on me when I go out and only take if I need it.

4. Exercise!! This has been hard to get into, I'm doing pretty good though. I've learned that my migraines (if I have one) are milder in the mornings and I can get a workout in then. Adding Blogilates, I've been trying to do this for weeks, but thanks to migraines, I just have not been able to. Yesterday was migraine free, so I was able to start. The closest thing I could find on the tracker was pilates, so I'm putting it down as that, and just putting down the time for each video I go through. I've started before bed yoga, as well as a couple of yoga routines to switch up during my morning workout to help with flexibility. Trying to balance it and not over or under do it.

5. Quit coffee, except for special occasions. We like to take coffee to church on Sunday's and I like have coffee when I go to therapy, it is soothing and relaxing to me. I got in the habit because Starbucks was on the way to my last therapist, and now it feels weird if I don't have it. But, I like my coffee with creamer and sugar. Too much sugar. It takes up too many of my carbs and my calories. I've cut back to two cups so far, and want to cut back to one before quitting altogether. Eventually, I want to quit starbucks too and take Crystal light or tea, most teas I only need a dab of honey to go in it, or a squeeze of lemon. I don't like hot cocoa, for some reason it makes me sick, even when made with water. I'm going to freeze this winter with all my hot drinks except hot tea taken away. Maybe we can keep some good beef broth in the fridge for me to warm up to drink.

That's not all, but my brain is getting foggy for need of more sleep, even though I rested a lot today, I think the week+ long migraine I had, and seizure, took it out of me and now that the migraine is gone I'm finally relaxing and my body is trying to catch up.

I'm on an FB break, I don't remember if I mentioned that or not. I posted that with a big FB BREAK picture on FB, I'll be off of it for at least one month, probably into the end of December. I just kept reading so much drama and I don't want that. I'm still on Messenger, and keep it active so people can reach me, but that will be it. I'm mainly sticking to my learning videos on youtube and this one other site, email, and SP. I want to limit my time on the internet as much as possible. Though it is funny, right now I'm babysitting the dogs in the office, so this is pretty much all I can do other than pet the dogs and they are more interested in either hiding (my Golden, Hope) or pacing and grunting and barking to figure out what is going on (our rescue little dog, Pickles). DH is having internet put in the basement so he can move his office down there and I can have the upstairs office as my own office and sewing room. I'm going to miss having him up here with me, though.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I enjoyed your blog. Congratulations on your weight and getting rid of your big clothes. I too want to get out of the obese range. emoticon
    42 days ago
    Glad you have had some relief from the migraines, praying you can get more sleep! I have had many ups and downs with my surgeries, I get it, disheartening sometimes, but we can do this!
    42 days ago
    I'm glad to read the migraines are reducing. You'll do it all, just not all at once. :-)
    42 days ago
    I like your goals - especially #1! emoticon So glad to hear you got some relief from the migraines.

    42 days ago
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