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Trip to Seattle for PAX Part 3

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

This is a continuation of my last 2 blogs. emoticon

In the last blog I left off with walking around downtown Seattle with hubby and Troels on Sunday September 1. When we finally got back to the hotel it was afternoon and Dave had finally got up. We just hung out at the hotel for a while in our room as well as the room Dave and Troels were sharing. When all of us started to get hungry we decided to get something to eat that evening. We were going to go to the Cheesecake Factory but the place was packed. We went across the street to another restaurant. Randy got some fish and chips, I got some crab cakes, I don't recall what Dave got but Troels got some sort of grilled chicken. The food wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel and decided to get some drinks since it would be the last night all 4 of us would be together before Troels headed back home to Denmark.

Randy and Dave have a lot of love for each other! emoticon

It was hard to make rabbit ears behind Troels since he's 2 feet taller than me

The next day, Monday September 2nd, Dave and Troels got up early and went to PAX again to pick up some swag and check out more games that were being shown.

Troels is getting a Yoshi doll (character from Nintendo's Super Mario World) for his first child that he and his wife are expecting in January.

We met up with them after a while, talked to a guy Randy knows that used to work at Microsoft and has a lot of connections in the tech industry. We also picked up some souvenirs while there.

Randy making the unicorn squishable (giant round fuzzy stuffed animals) "gallop" down the sidewalk. emoticon

We brought the squishables back to the hotel room and went across the street to listen to a discussion panel. Troels moderated the discussion panel (that Randy, Dave and I volunteered him for emoticon ) about Point and Click Adventure Games then and now with video game makers from the past and current. Troels was natural at this! He has a couple of podcasts on YouTube and also tweets about Adventure Games.

Walking into the room for the discussion

We met the guy that's wearing one of our pink shirts at the party on Saturday night. He makes his own video games and instead of wearing one of his own shirts advertising his game, he wore the pink shirt we gave to him!

After the discussion we all got pictures of some of the people who first made point and click adventure games.

Troels with the Cole's

Troels with Corey Cole

Troels with Lori Cole

Troels with Al Lowe

Randy and I with Al Lowe

Troels with Roberta Vaughn who put together the discussion panel

One last pic of the 4 of us before Troels took the Light Rail to the airport to head back home to Denmark

After Troels left we went to get some Sushi for dinner. We had always heard that Sushi is much better when you're on the coast. The sushi was amazing and now we have to wait a while before we have it again here in Colorado since we'll be comparing it to the super fresh Sushi we got in Seattle. We had the yummiest chocolate cake afterwards.

Having some fun on our last full day in Seattle

The next day, Tuesday September 2nd, we had to check out by noon. Our flight wasn't until 7:30 that evening but thankfully the hotel put our things into a back room with tags so that we could wander around Seattle some more. Dave has traveled a lot and wasn't interested in doing anything so we left him at the hotel while we walked down to the Pier to go to the aquarium. It's not a big aquarium but it has only sea life that can be found in that area.

They capture Octopuses from Puget Sound and breed them. They keep the Octopus eggs so they can hatch them. They release the adult Octopuses and then eventually the hatched Octopuses.


I didn't know that Puffins are not a Penguin

You're actually under the water here

Diver feeding the fish

I didn't get pictures but they had a petting area, so to speak, where you could pet some sea urchins and sea anemones. The sea urchin like the one below was very sharp and would not feel good if you stepped on one.

We petted a sea anemone like the one below. It felt rubbery and it had latched onto your finger without you even realizing it until you tried to take your finger back.

Something else I didn't get a picture of was the information about Orcas. I had no idea they were so big. Males get 20 – 26 ft. and Females get 16 – 23 ft. They had a plastic recplica of the top 1/4th of an orca that was breaching it's fin out of the water. The plastic replica was glued or bolted to the floor. There were a couple of boys (7 - 8 yrs old) that were playing on the ground next to the orca fin. I wish I would have video recorded it because it was so funny. One boy was saying, "Get in the boat! It's going to get you!" The other one said "I am in the boat!" First boy said "Your boat is sinking, get in my boat! It's almost got you!". This went on for quite a while. You have to love the imagination of kids!!

Random photos from our time in Seattle

Even Mario was excited about PAX emoticon

Colorful, funky shop in Pike Place Market selling locally made art & DIY craft kits.

Seattle really likes artwork

Unfortunately, when you get in a big city you see plenty of homeless people and many that have mental health issues. This guy was drumming on the metal newsstands.

Riding your bike to PAX may not be the best idea emoticon

Sign on light rail telling you that your bag does not have a butt to sit on a seat but people do. emoticon

We call these buses centipede buses because they have 2 or 3 buses linked together. They also have electric buses that are like street trolley's

The following aren't my photos but I wanted to share some of the Cosplay outfits at PAX

Sun setting over Seattle as we fly back home
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