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Monday, September 30, 2019

I just read this article about 100 things about losing 100lbs and am inspired to write my own list of what I want to be different during and after having lost 100lbs. ;)  (This is also partially inspired by another article that suggested we envision the lives we want.  How we want to feel, activities we will enjoy, etc) 1. I enjoy sitting and riding comfy on my bike more hours/miles on end. 2. I am no longer irked or bothered when someone asks why my life revolves around health, fitness, and working out.  3. I enjoy climbing trees!  The first time was amazing and I've been having a blast playing in them ever since. 4. I still enjoy milkshakes but I make them at home or find them dairy-free. 5. I no longer eat pork or processed meats. 6. I instead love to smash whole grains, fruits, veggies, and meats that I've prepared delicately and deliciously.  Or ones that have been prepared for me. (Like at someone's house or a restaurant). 7. I still love to dine out! :) & Do so semi often, within consideration of my various goals. 8. I'm still not eating gluten/wheat. 9. I hardly ever eat corn, soy, or brussel sprouts (I don't like the spouts!). 10. I still think amino acids taste better than soy sauce! 11. I swim often now, like weekly. 12. I don't anticipate ever using my weight as a shield again. 13. I cried a lot during this process. 14. I'm proud of every tear and all my accomplishments. 15. I no longer breathe sooooo heavy or loud when I just at rest. 16. I no longer cringe when people look at me or I see myself in some pics. 17. I don't have a double chin anymore! 18. My excessive hair growth has diminished, some. 19. I like to spar again and pseudo fight. 20. I'm not embarrassed to meet up with old friends. 21.  I have a neck now, whhhhhaaaatt???:) 22. I don't freak out, internally, when meeting someone's gaze as much anymore. 23. I can bend the way Ive always thought I could. 24. I can do a headstand and several pull ups. 25. And dips, I can do those too!:) 26. I can run a 5k easy, not walk but run! 27. I still slow down when I get too close in people traffic, or I make a quick bee line around them. 28. Stairs suck less again. 29. I have a motherflipping jaw line!!! 30. My boobs are smaller but not as heavy!  31.Less back strain, see #30:) 32. I knock over stuff less often with my butt. 33. I still smile just as often, if not more. 34. I'm no longer concerned about facial wrinkles. Some people never live long enough to get them.   35. I am serious about moisturizing now. 36. I lllooooovvvvveeee taking selfies (still not thrilled with that word) from ANY AND EVERY ANGLE. :) 37. My parents are super proud.  38. My cousins and friends are proud. 39. Actually everyone I know, have known, or has heard my story is proud. 40. I share my story alot more and confidently now.  41. I 💞 clothes shopping now! 42. I don't feel like a blob. 43. I'm unafraid to say no to anything that doesn't sit right with my soul.  Yes, anything and to just about anyone. 44. If I am afraid, I have the confidence and self respect to push past those feelings. 45. I don't rely on my feeling to dictate my behavior. 46. I don't mind my belly being touched, you can now feel the ab without so much flab. 47. My triceps are defined and no more batwings. 48. It's easier to shave my legs, put on socks, and balance on one foot. 49. I'm more comfortable with people being close to my face. 50. I don't apologize just for taking up space anymore. 51. I don't make a weird face when guy hit on me anymore. 52. More guys hit on me, again. 53. More girls give me compliments. 54. I've inspired many to lose weight through acknowledging their hurts and healing their wounds. 55. I wrote a book, and I blog, and vlog, and have a couple YouTube channels (weightloss/healing, comedy/shenanigans, cooking/travel). 56. I started an Instagram. 57. My teeth are whiter and brighter. 58. I don't snore as loudly and most of the time not at all!:) 59. I went rock climbing and loved it. 60. I love to ride horses, again. 61. I own a canoe, that I use!:) 62. My hair seems longer… 63. My thighs are slimmer. 64. My ankles are slimmer. 65. My knees don't creak and crack. 66. I love my daily yoga practice. 67. Ive reconnected with my spirituality. 68. My legs don't swell during road trips. 69. I no longer qualify to get the two seats on the plane upgrade!:) 70. Wear belts don't hurt anymore but I still don't like to wear them. 71. My resting heart rate is lower. 72. I feel soooo much better, like alllll the time! 73. I look sooo much better, not like I'm stuffed into a sausage casing. 74. My left cheek shakes better. 75. I can touch my toes with ease. 76. I can paint my toenails easier, too! 77. I still don't ever drink pop, I don't like the harshness. 78. I still don't drink alcohol minus the random annual/semiannual occurrence. 79. I stand taller. 80. I feel taller. 90. I am taller! 91. There is virtually no belly hang--thanks abs for pulling it up! :) 92. My wrists and forearms are slimmer so some shirts fit better.  93. Some yoga poses are sooooo much easier! 94. Pilates and spin class rule too. 95. I love dance class and am thinking about teaching one.  96. I have less sugar, salt, meat cravings. 97. People opinions mean less. 98. Everyone's got an opinion. 99. I don't try to appease everyone.  Only a select few. 100. I absolutely love, adore, cherish, and honor me.  Each day I make that know by my words, energy, and actions. I remind myself each day how special and wonderful I am.  *101: I finally committed to being in love with myself. :). And I'm happy and looking forward to making myself happier! :)
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    Wow...awesome job!
    Imma try this.
    475 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    Such a learning opportunity emoticon and emoticon it down makes a lot of difference. emoticon and way to make it happen. Oh emoticon
    475 days ago
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