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Day 41... Too much sleep?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Woke up at 0100, wide awake!! I remember being so sleepy last night after my cup of hot turmeric tea, I had to go to bed right then. Head still felt horrible. I can feel a small pain, but not much. I'm going to take my pain reliever and go back to bed after doing a 'brain dump' (writing down everything going through my mind).

I'm hoping and praying that this gets rid of my migraine. I'm going to take a cold pack with me and put it on top of my head.

I should not let myself get on Amazon in the middle of the night, LOL emoticon I bought a compression cold eye pack that is supposed to work wonders for sinus, puffy eyes and such, but it's main use is for migraines. I also can't find my extra large size crochet hooks, I get all the way up to 9, but no 10. So I ordered one. Not expensive at all, either of them, but it's not good to spend money in the middle of the night, I may not be thinking clearly enough. I did this after getting on Amazon to add stuff to my YDD's Christmas wish list, she had so little on it and somethings are for Halloween and the Winter Dance at school, so will be bought before Christmas. So, I found a bunch of outfits and shoes for her to go through and see what she likes most. I have them get on my account and do their own wishlists now.

Today, I'm going to do my Bosu Ball standing workout (thank you dear SP friend for finding them for me!!), my ab routine, 10-15 minutes on the treadmill, and hip-opening yoga, then regular stretching to wind down. As long as this migraine stays at bay. I worked hard yesterday at getting it to the almost-gone that it is now, so I'm hoping that taking a pain med and ice pack will help banish the rest of it.

Tomorrow (well, I guess actually today...), the kids are not going to be happy with me, but they will get over it. I made neat piles of their stuff in front of their chairs on the dining room table and told them to take their things and put them away, I don't want piles of stuff on the dining table and it is not where your backpacks and jackets belong. YDD moved the pile, but not her backpack and other things. ODD spread out on the table again, along with her laptop and made a huge mess, I've ran into her backpack several times. I broke her ruler because I was walking to hand her plate for breakfast and did not see it and stepped on it. Had to order more of those. She doesn't have to have one, but she likes using it in her drawing, which is a great outlet for her, so I went ahead and bought a 4 pack, so she and her sister could have one for school and one for home. YDD told me there is a weird smell in her room, so I walked in last night to give her a hug, and yes there is, dog pee. Our little rescue sleeps with her and apparently she did not take him out the night before to go potty before bed like I asked her too. And I found a huge mess of dirty clothes on the floor. Oh joy. But, other than the pee (health hazard in my opinion, so it will get cleaned up today, no matter how much she whines) ODD's room is a fire hazard. You can open the door all of the way now at least, but you can't see an inch of floor. Her excuse over Fall Break was homework, she had a ton of it (turns out that was her fault for procrastinating). We will spend 45 min to an hour cleaning, then take a 15-20 minute break. No electronics till the rooms are clean. Period. I'm going to gather the electronics up in the bag I use for collecting them at night and they won't see them again till their rooms are clean. This may seem a little harsh, but if I took pictures, you would totally understand!!

My room is paper clutter. I went through an old filing cabinet and found tons of stuff that I need to go through, a lot needs to be shredded, but some needs to be kept. And clothes. One would think at my age we would have a dresser by now, but our last one went through so many moves with us, it literally was falling apart, and we want to buy a nice one this time, so we are saving for that. I don't want one that will fall apart again, I want a nice sturdy one. One that comes assembled and other people haul it up the stairs to my room and put it where I want it!! So that is also a clutter problem in my room. But, the only really big mess is in the closet and DH's side of the room. Will be working on it. Don't know if he will feel up to helping much, but he's going to at least put away his clean clothes when I wash them!! LOL!

I'll probably post at the end of the day today, maybe even some before and after pictures. Embarrassing, but good to do sometimes to remind yourself you don't want things to return to that kind of disorder!!

Hope you all get a good rest of the night's sleep!!

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    My daughter had a real messy room all the time too. I insisted that she do her laundry (no dirty clothes) and clean up an food/plates/wrappers mess (we have always had dogs) and she did. But she still managed to have a total mess going on - right up until she left for university!
    54 days ago
    Don't you just hate waking up in the middle of the night. But it is a good get our thoughts.together. Good luck on all your cleaning.
    54 days ago
    No Amazon or any buying webite in middle of night. Every single night, At home, at hospital or Sattire crackers. Wake up between 1:00am. 1:30 am.
    54 days ago
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