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Fall Cleaning???

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

emoticon The countdown has begun: it is 9/26/19 and the 2019 Fall 5% Challenge begins in 9 days from today. What, you might ask, does that have to do with 'Fall Cleaning'?

emoticon The beginning of every new seasonal 5% Challenge gives us a chance to 'start over again' or to 'reset' our goals, similar to the way we spruce up and re-organize our our homes in the Spring and Fall.

emoticon Some of the 5% Challenge Community do well even in-between Challenges and they just continue on their journey to better health and improved fitness levels. Others (like me) ~ generally need a little push to get focused (or more focused) than the previous Challenge. But here is the thing: this is not exactly about losing 5% ... sure, it is a wonderful goal and many of us achieve it during any given 5% Challenge. In my opinion, it is a chance to remind yourself of the things that you already know, some things that are in some ways instinctive ~ but many times we need to PRACTICE what 'works' for us and the 5% Challenges absolutely help us to do that.

emoticon Many of us joined SparkPeople, not really because we didn't know HOW to get healthy, but we needed some help ~ some incentive ~ some 'tips and tricks' to help us. An informational/interactive site such as SparkPeople with its volumes of health advice and a supportive and helpful SparkPeople Community can and does help some of us to get started and keeps many of us coming back day after day, month after month and year after year (I joined in 2008 and have been active ever since). emoticon

emoticon The 5% Challenge, that will begin in a few short days, helps to do just that: it helps us identify things that will absolutely help us on a successful 'healthy lifestyle' journey. I use the word 'journey' because even when you manage to reach your goal, you will still need to practice healthy habits in order to maintain that level of health.

emoticon Planning and preparation for a successful 5% Challenge is one of the things that you can do NOW to help to set yourself up for your personal success. Besides setting some personal goals, spend some time doing some 'fall cleaning' and getting your mind and your home 'ready' to help you succeed. Lynn (KALISWALKER), the founder of the Seasonal 5% Challenges and one of our overall Co-Leaders, spends time posting pre-Challenge activities. These activities, should you choose to do them, help to put you in the right mindset so that you will have the best chance meeting or even exceeding your personal goals. emoticon emoticon emoticon

emoticon I've been a part of the Challenges for such a long time ~ yet, whenever I spend a little time going through the pre-Challenge activities, I feel that I have a better, more successful Challenge ... I go into the Challenge in the 'correct frame of mind' and I tend to carry that throughout. For any of my fellow 5% Challengers that may be reading this blog, I ENCOURAGE you to take a look at the pre-Challenge activities and seriously consider doing them. Here is the link to those threads: www.sparkpeople.

emoticon For anyone that doesn't know what the 5% Challenge is and would like more information, please click on this link: www.sparkpeople.
. The link will take you to the 5% Challenge Community page. If you have any other questions about the 5% Challenge(s), please send me a SparkMail and I'll be happy to try to answer any of your questions.
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