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Catching Up Is Hard to Do - Part 3, Third Week in Pucallpa

Sunday, September 22, 2019

July 21 - I had brought Levi a Guayabera shirt and Edwin had bequeathed him with one of his hats. So he dressed up that Sunday like a Boriquen! Muy guapo!

After church, Papi's younger sister Peti and her hubby Maxi came by for lunch and a visit.

July 22 - I began to go with sister Gledy to do visitation. We stopped in on sister Zoilita,who was widowed in February, and her daughter Elizabeth.(Zoilita is of the Shipibo tribe and wears the traditional dress.)

Afterwards, Gledy passed some time with my mother-in-law.

July 23 - Josue took me and Ma to the market in Yarinacocha to get a few things for the house and the bodega. Here's Ma coming back to the motokar from one of the stores.

July 24 - Not only Peti and Maxi, but also Papi's sister (my FAVORITE of the aunts) Mercedes ("Michi") came over and made a nice lunch of fish prepared a couple of different ways.

Later I went with Gledy on another visit. I met a young university student - Milcah (studying to teach English!)

(and her younger sister.)
July 25 - Levi had a hankering for pizza and his Mom's home-made bread. EVERYONE got involved!

I did the sauce and the toppings. We made 5 - sold one to niece Erika and totally demolished the other 4.

July 26 - We wanted some Papaya and avocados (called PALTA there) among other produce, and Levi had Josue take us to this place. I conversed with the shopkeeper, telling her how when I retire I'd like to paint some of the market scenes I photograph, because the colors are so wonderful.

I had Josue take a picture of me prepping veggies just to show that I wasn't TOTALLY lazy on my vacation!

And later Gledy and I visited a sister, Ester, who'd had leg surgery.

July 27 - Gledy and I had planned to revisit Zoilita, but she'd forgotten. I suggested sweet little Rosita, so that's where we went. Rosita declared God must have sent us, because she was needing some encouragement. Her son seems to be developmentally disabled.

She has some friendly dogs and keeps some nice plants.

Rosita is a sweet sister whom I met some years ago at a Bible study in our home, and when I see her at church I make a point of giving her bear hugs.

July 26 -
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