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5% Fall Challenge: 3 Reasons/Excuses

Saturday, September 21, 2019

List your 3 reasons/excuses on why your lifestyle (diets and exercise) plans have not been well executed in the past. Write a strategy for each one to keep yourself on track for 8 weeks. Let's learn from our past behaviors and make this our best Challenge ever!


1. To feel better. A lot of my chronic illnesses have been and will be helped by losing weight and working out regularly. One strategy I can use is keeping this written and by or on my computer or writing desk... or even in my planner where I keep my daily routine, to remind me that I might not feel like working out or eating right at the moment, but in the long run, I'll I'll feel better.

2. To look better and feel good about how I look. I liked how I looked when I was in good shape. I don't now. My strategy will be to either have copies printed out or find the original picture of me at my goal weight and in really good shape, heading out for a night on the town. Put it up where I will see it multiple times a day. Pull it up on my computer and either leave it up or make it the background for one of my monitors that I don't use as much. I need a visual of what I'm aiming for.

3. Skin surgery/Breast reduction/Shopping spree. Yes, those all go together. It kinda goes with the other two. Once I lose all the weight I can and have a good amount of muscle behind the extra skin, I have to maintain what weight I'm at for, I think, 6 months, by a margin of about 5 pounds if I remember correctly. I don't want to have the breast reduction till I lose all the weight because they are going to continue to shrink too. For now I'm almost strictly thrift shopping for my clothes (I buy certain things new and of course the occasional new outfit for a reward). My strategy is to make a vision board and put it up where I'll see it as well. Put it by my treadmill so that when it transforms into a dreadmill, I'll remember why I'm pushing myself.


1. I'm too tired. Now, I do have insomnia, and we are fighting tooth and nail to find the right medication combo to get me sleeping at least a decent amount at a time. My doctor is fantastic and working with me, but what he currently has me on makes me so tired during the day. It's easy to say I'm too tired to work out and go rest. But, I know that if I work out, I'm more likely to sleep better that night than if I did not. Strategy is to work on my daily routine to where I have blocks of time for everything. Working out is high up on the priority list. Eating right is too. Routine is printed out and put in the front of my planner.

2. I'm too hungry. I need that food. But I'm craving it! I give in to food way too often. DH reminds me of all the discipline it took being in the military - and raising kids, not giving in to their tantrums was hard, and I will not give in to my own. So that is part of my strategy. When 'mind hunger' or cravings hit, I will try to see them as my body throwing a tantrum, and not give in. I will discipline myself to only allow planned heavier calorie days and work around them with lower calories days, etc. I refuse to let food be my idol.

3. It's too hard. Yes, it is hard, but if it is too hard, I'm doing too much. I'm not. I'm a beginner and I'm starting at that level. My strategy for this is also going to be on the vision board. It was hard in Basic Training; but not too hard. It was hard after knee surgery and having kids, and all that life has thrown at me, but not so hard that I couldn't handle it in my own way. I'll manage this as well. My excuse for this is that it has been over a decade, but my response is: yes it has, why did it take me so darn long to get serious about it? And move on. It's not too hard once you realize just how badly you really want it.

emoticon What have you learned along the way that has really helped you? I've lost a lot of weight, fought my way to One-derland. I went from taking Type 2 Diabetes medications and almost having to go to injections, to it being strictly diet and exercise controlled. I went from being on two blood pressure meds to none and having textbook perfect blood pressure.
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    I am cheering for you!
    54 days ago
    You have a good grasp on the mental struggles of your journey. With your focus you can succeed. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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