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Saturday, September 21, 2019

I've joined the 2019 FALL 5% Challenge as an AWESOME A (CL position) and on the Fall 5% Challenge we have various steps/assignments that can help ,, well DO HELP us to succeed.

Today is #7 which is under the Motivation Forum and it's also called Motivation

I thought I'd come here and do it as a reminder to myself as well to hopefully encourage others. If you are not yet on the 5% Challenge I can tell you from my heart (which beats so much healthier now) that it's a GREAT SUCCESS for almost all who join. As with any team, we get out of them, what we put into them.

Here's the link and I certainly do encourage everyone to at least take a look at it. MANY of the teams are quickly filling up so now is the time to join. Our start date is Oct 5th, but every team within the 5% Challenges have things we do to get ready to be up and active on the 5th.


Oh KEY point when I and many others DO the Assignments (Located again under the Motivation Forum) My success and their success is MUCH GREATER!!

With my foot being broken now for a month, the weight HAS COME ON HARD!! YO!!! I normally burn off quite a few calories, but I am not now and yet I can't get my calories down so UP is going the weight. If you've followed me over the years, I've been thru this before, it's TEMPORARY and so no, I am not in the least upset. It goes on, it can come off again.

So here are my answers to assignment #7

Today's assignment is to list 10 reasons you want to lose weight.

1) I'm getting OLDER and my bones are simply not well and the more weight I put on them, the more issues of dealing with especially my left foot being broken more. This IS a STRESS Fracture from overuse and I have ZERO doubt the added weight is hindering it.
2) I NEVER EVER want to regain what I've lost and I AM so it's time to HUNKER DOWN
3) I LOVE my GD and my GGS and so many friends that I WANT to be around for an EON of time to spend so much more time with them, sharing wisdom and yet, driving them INSANE!! LOL
4) I want to be healthy and NOT end up in a nursing home faster than needed
5) To be in a size 12 pants and maybe a small top (am currently in a 14 pants, but due to the gain in weight they are getting tighter! and in a Medium top ,,, down from a size 24/26 pants and a size 2 or 3 X Shirt!)
6) Because hey I am worth my own effort of self care, and it shows in how we treat ourselves
7) to do more volunteer stuff I LOVE (Actually this SHOULD BE #1!)
8) to laugh more, enjoy more, do more physically , spiritually, emotionally
9) Hmmm maybe ride a HORSE?
10) Climb a mountain!! That WAS on my FALL list

What do you want to change?

1) move the sweet cravings back down to moderation
2) Increase my freggies (LOL hey I CAN DREAM!! LOL)
3) My attitude towards being gentler to myself (I am not currently as in I SHOULD be resting A LOT more)
4) Get my bills back under control more (had to put in a new transmission)

ADDING in one here, what do I NOT Want to change?

1) My attitude towards life is FUN
2) Sense of humor
3) GO GET IT GIRL attitude!!
4) My caring about others
5) My job ,, I work with seniors and it's SUPER FUN!!
6) My GD and GGS are awwww sweet! Love them
7) Izzy. LOL my cat
8) Loving life even when its throwing crap at me

How do you want to look?

1) HEALTHY no matter the weight. I used to be so JUDGED by Dr's as I walked into their waiting room!! I was beyond morbid obese and they would think automatically "FAT! LAZY" I was FAT, but I was NOT Lazy!! I was simply not able to deal with the pain and didnt understand that moving does NOT hurt us more, it's like oil on a rusty hinge, it helps

How do you want to feel?

1) GREAT as I can. NOTICE I did NOT add "For my age" because that's putting a limit on myself and there is NO LIMIT!! I can do what I put my mind forth to within reason.

What things will you be able to do in the future with a slimmer healthier body?

MOUNTAIN climb!!

And list all the OTHER things that you want to change!

I am fine with the above
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